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27-6-2018 custom XB Torque Hammer 1125R Wheel

14-2-2019 - 27-6-2018 custom Buell XB with oil leak, Torque Hammer mounting Buell XB, Buell 1125R wheel bearing, Buell XB12 engine noise ( loose sprocket nut )

custom xb brought in with oil leak 

fat tyre.. and burn your legs seat 

open pipe

and the oil leak

the open pipe needs a better mounting

a bit flimsy , if you ask me these things rattle and grow due to vibration and heat 

frist the oil filter of 

so i can loosen the oil cooler feed line 

the fitting into the engine is broken, for a good repair , best to remove the header 

engine mount has seen betterdays..

battery box ? 

yep battery box

as the w-brace needs to come loose .. the scoop and box need to come of 

cramed for space.. using everything .

oil lines from the cooler 

front mount of 

now penitrating oil .. as they are hardly turning

as my 10'o clock is there .. new exhaust needs to b mounted

pully cover of as this rear brace is a pain to remove

loosen the axle to loosen the belt tension 

with the idler pylly of , more room to take of rear straps 

old exhaust of 

side stand of to mount the chin spoiler bracket

exhaust on.. and chin spoiler bracket on 

right side airscoop mounted 

one piece nice desing chin spoiler on.. ( these are stronger than the oem stuf ) and TQ hammer decalls 

updating the fuel map .. and test ride :-)

back to the custom XB.. 1 exhaust nut down.

and the other one also loose... feeling lucky.. tighen a little and turn for turn loose.. spay WD40 tighten and loosen .. works not in all cases 

airbox cover ? 

anyway needs to come of.. alwasy nice to see M6 screws in 1/4 UNC holes