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13-10-2016 XB engine rebuild, Uly intake seals

27-10-2016 - 13-10-2016 Buell XB engine rebuild ready, Buell XB12X Ulysses intake seals

Dris was ready on the Dyno with the engine rebuild... she is running sweet... time to make here ready for the customer 

engine is still fresh, and she will pick up some Hp in a few 100 km , but as should be

we need to take out dyno headers off with the double O2 sensor bungs , so engine rotation , airbox off 

top tierod loose 

and scoops off 

for engine rotation remove the left foot peg plate, it will tough the primairy cover 

W. brace loose

and clutch cable loose and unhooked 

TQ hammer exhaust off front mount 

and rear strap 

when fitted you can normaly remove the TQ hammer exhaust with out loosening the front hangers 

Support the front off the engine, we use a little wood block to prevent dammage and get clearance for the collector pipe

front mount loose

and drop the engine far enough the get to the rear header nuts 

disconnect the O2 sensor plug 

and take the header off 

flanges, clips and O2 sensor back on the customers headers and engine back up 

will drain the case to get the most off the running in oil out 

looking good... it has done it's job, now time for normal engine oil

drain plug also out the get the rest off the oil out the swing arm

plugs back in and exhaust back on 

checking the primairy chain tension, to see if this has changed, after the dyno runs... is ok

oil cooler cover back on

scoops back not sure why they drilled the holes

as with a small ratched easy peasy

body works on, on the older plastics important to use the nylon washers , other wise the plastics will rattle 

she ain't the pritties girl to the prom, but she rides reall nice :-) i will give here a little polish on the wheathered body

and after last test ride... shifter back to "race " position , she is ready to eat the corners again 

troublesome Uly... has been running like crap a long time... she is getting better every time, but it was ruckelfarting a little 80 km/h 2400 rpm cruising.. that is a problem aria , low trottle opening, and 2 in 1 exhaust system having a plus at rpm aria , after looking at some logs... i checked the intake gaskets already but looking at the log files looks like the O2 is off there..

so again testing.. i feel a slight change... ok fool me one ( replaced seals allready ) no i put our intake flanges on 

so droping the engine , clutch cable loose

front mount bolt loose ( working from bottom to top for this one ;-) )

scoops off , and W-brace bolts loose

throttle cables out the handlebar switch 

airbox removed, and clip for the velocity stack off 

top tie rod bolt loose on the engine side and fuel line off the rail , old style push the red tab and pull it off 

injectors and tps connectors loose 

and engine down to have acces to the intake manifold 

best to loosen with a shortened 1/4 allen key, when loose you can unscrew it with a ball end ( they can not take to much force ) 

the other side the hex bolts out 

and the positioning crew out 

off course nothing to see on the old seals , but they where still loose on one side 

test fitting out intake flanges , this one is perfect 

as we make the flanges thick... and as much metal as possible check the clearance to the head, as the machining off the radius on the heads can be off , these sit perfect flat :-) 

so the o-ring mounting grease a little in the slot , push the o-ring in and put a little more grease on theme to protect these during mounting

and flanges pressed on the manifold

some grease in the other o-ring slot and put the o-ring in, the grease with hold theme during mounting

maniold back in 

engine up and front bolt to TQ specs 

w-brace bolts back in 

throtlle cable on 

and connector under the bonnet back on 

ziptie the tps wire to the fuel rail, so it is fixated , and will not vibrate in the sensor 

airfilter baseplate back on, with a round thing... run around the velocity stack to put the slot in the airbox plate 

i did not tough the tps setting, so should be ok.. but still better check and reset

our bluetooth dongle, very nice tool 

setting tps and logging with your phone... the Buell community has done great work here... my first Buell needed to go to the dealer to even see the tps setting ;-)