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24-4-2015 Big service XB, Xb mishap repairs.

29-4-2015 - Xb12 Big service, first big service for this bike, wel kept, should be a walk tought the park.


Xb12 Big service,, chin spoiler side piece broken and cracked.


Xb12 Big service,old oil out, fresh in.


Xb12 Big service,check for loose bolts... as buell's tend to vibrate.


Xb12 Big service,new oil filter, primed and a wet finger over the O-ring ready to go on.


Xb12 Big service, rear pads ware uneven, will clean the sliding pin.


Xb12 Big service, belt still ok, but little ware is visible, as this a still a old model belt... keek a eye out for cracks.


Xb12 Big service, wheel bearings still perfect.


Xb12 Big service,wheel back in , guards screws tighten with a light grade loctite.


Xb12 Big service,chin spoiler bracket back on.


Xb12 Big service, i could hear the primairy chain ratteling... when the bike was idling, was a little loose, check at 3 points on the chain.


Xb12 Big service,remove the sliding pin from the rear bracket , note the resess on the swingarm ( 06- up short models only)


Xb12 Big service,the old grease is sticky and will not slide that easy.


Xb12 Big service,clean and relube , press in grease untill it comes out when you press the pin in.


Xb12 Big service,, clean up the grease spill, and put the rubber boot back in the slot.


Xb12 Big service, and mount the rear brake back on , take care you mount the sliding bolt straight, due the rounded threath start easy to cross thread.


Xb12 Big service, front plug, pop the cap off with a spanner.


Xb12 Big service, plug looks nice , good combustion from our stage 1 kit with upgraded ECM from us.


Xb12 Big service,the spark plug booths tend to be pulled to far over the connection, making it hard to actualy feel it click into place.


Xb12 Big service, with a needle nose gently hold the connector and pull the booth back so you can check the connector is on correctly.


Xb12 Big service, airbox off the filter clean and rear plug.


Xb12 Big service,haveing some sparkplug wires pliers helps to pull off the cable.


Xb12 Big service,filter cleaned and lightly oiled.


Xb12 Big service,ready for the front end.


Xb12 Big service, front wheel and forks out for check and oil change.


Xb12 Big service, fresh tire needed.


Xb12 Big service, as this bike was previous been lowered the new owner needed some more height so the forks where put in on the highest position.


Xb12 Big service, front back on, wheel back on tighten the axle, fasten the pinch bolt after you loaded the suspention a few times to set the forks on the sliding piece off the axle , so the fork will not bind.


Xb12 Big service, drilling off the broken chin spoiler, hold the rivets with a plier.


Xb12 Big service,new rivits and use washers to clamp the pieces to getter while pulling the rivits.


Xb12 Big service, crappy mirror, alsways in the way off you hand ( little room for you hands on the grip )


Xb12 Big service,easy fix, some nice Oberon barned mirrors are much better, and they will stay on thight as well.


Xb12 Big service,flycreen off , and head light out.


Xb12 Big service,HID kit mounting, remove the light bulb.


Xb12 Big service,and put the HID bulb in , hook up the wires.


Xb12 Big service,tape up the hid wires, so they don't get snagged by the cables behind the headlight.


Xb12 Big service, ready for rabbit hunting and dark roads.


Xb12 Big service, reposition the indicator relais to make a little room for the HID balast , and checking for wire pinches as the indicators stop working from time to time.


Xb12 Big service, all look well , flyscreen back on position the headlight correcly , as with HID light and the head light to high... you don't make friends in the dark with oncomming traffic.


Xb12 Big service,set the rebound suspenstion back to the setting.


Xb12 Big service, brake fluid change.


Xb12 Big service, don't forget the rear !!!


Xb12 Big service, not easy to fill the rear canister, half empty bottle works best.


Xb12 Big service,always look for wires rubbing, you see here a pich trough the isolation against the seat lock. isolate and secure the loom so it will not happen again.


Xb12 Big service, testride my favorite part.


Xb mishap, bike was dropped, not hard , but hard enough to bend the bars , not always easy to spot.


Xb mishap, yeah.. ok.


Xb mishap, check your brake levers even with a small mishap, the top hinge breaks easy , and the lever can have only a small bend down.


Xb mishap, easy way to check the bar, only 3 point contact on flat surface in sted off 4 points.


Xb mishap, new bar on , glue the left grip back on.


Xb mishap, nice on original bars the switch holes are already in there to prevent the switches from rotating.


Xb mishap, fresh brake lever a little grease on the pivots.


Xb mishap, the tripple t was also a little out off wack , support the front end and loosen the clamps and set theme staight.


Xb mishap, they do break easy the foot pegs , drift out the pivot pin.


Xb mishap, and push the pivot back on while you push the spring in the hole.


Xb mishap, alsmost ready to go... ? battery dead ?


Xb mishap, mnnn will leave it over the weekend on the optimiser, see if it can revive the battery ?