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6-2-2019 X1 assembly, Buell XB12 from Swiss

2-10-2019 - What did we do today 6-2-2019 Buell X1 putting stuf together, Buell XB12 from Switserland trouble shooting

whoop whoop... finaly , going to make this a looker — at Twin Motorcycles Buell Support forever.

rear lifted in the hoist, tank and cover of — at Twin Motorcycles Buell Support forever.

i find it much easier to put the engine in when you can handle it with out to much trouble.. with heads and cylinders on..your banging the fins and frame

egine to swing arm adaptor .. using the D shaped washers

some corrosion protection on the bolts

and thightening the bolts

temp front bolts loose

and front shock mount and exhaust bracket mounted

lifters in pre lubed the holes

and lube the sliding surfaces fot the first critical moments

holes to the front ( douse not matter much ) and flats lined up for the pins

new model pins , little locite on

brilium bronze oil pump gear was al redy mounted , no to very little wear as expected , now with the crank alined and straigh.. should be even better

oil pump gear on , check the key it is sharp.. en flat in the reces

pinion gear . check the cut out.. needs to be sharp and nice..

locking plate on

red loctite on the nut

and TQ it down

long time ago we already put other cams in ..

still follow the 1 to 4 numers .. and aline with the dots and stipes

prime the big end bearing, with some squirts of oil

oil pump in

new seal in the cover

and cover mounted

XB in from Swiss.. running problems

worn out the intake air sensor wires where damaged.and shorted .. and caused a ecm problem ? as temperature is reading 125 deg. C .. taking of the sensor douse not matter...

further with the X1 pulling in the end gear

and with big-ass clip pliers the lock ring on

tapping the seal in

new neutral switch

squire ring in to seal the spacer.. and give the bearings a few squirts of oil

cleaning the spacer with some scotch brite and push it on

neutral switch wire

speed sensor in

gear box in

tighten the gearbox bolt with a drop of loctite

new model detent plate .. edge like , the old model is more rounded

the shifter drum pins are nice and evenly , so the plate runs perfect

detent arm spring on

and shifter arm spring in

adjusting the mechanisme .. 3 mm in the hole 3e gear and thighten the nuts

oil filter adaptor in. put some loctite on

new oil pressure switch in

and oil pressure line from the pump , mounting with some hydro loctite

used 2 spanners to tighten the fitting

routing the regulator wires and oil pressure switch wire

ground wire mounted to the regulator

and regulator mounted

starter motor in

removing the rear light to loosen the undertray .. ligt can not be mounted flush.. eeeh... will fix this

loosen the undertray to get to the oil lines

undertray of

and removing the return oil line

and cutting of the feed line

we going to replace these..

new hoses.. and new clamps

i need to mount the resistors good.. they have been ratteling very much.. even trough the under tray

next. issue. ground wire eye led broken of

next. issue. ground wire eye led broken of