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26-5-2016 X1 running like crap.. only full trottle

30-6-2016 - 26-5-2016 X1 running like crap.. only full trottle, no idle


nice X1 low milage, but running like crap

ok first to check setting from the ecm.. but i need to free the diagnostics plug first 

so fairing needs to come off , starting with the mirrors 

the lower front bolts and side bolts 

and front off 

tank cover off and lifting the tank a litle 

would not even idle at 11 deg.. tps

and i heasr it running on 1.5 cylinder front one douse not really wants to go 

rear one is better 

shees who mounted this should get a kick. airfilter back plate running the frame 

and they left the intake support bracket off... i don't even need to check for intake seals.. they will be gone the whole intake assembly + air filter holded up only by the intake seals... no wonder it runs bad

and i will gove the injector wires a little more wiggle room so the terminals would not be the trafel limiters on the cable 

the manifold bolts where alsmost hand tight 

throttle cable safety lock , check if this is there to hold the cables secure

throttle body out 

big vacuum bite marks on the seals 

and i will check the injectors , as these go bad more often , better to check and clean now 

injectors in the tester 

flow and spray pattern are perfect.

will clean theme anyway... just better

throttle body cleaned 

mount the security bracket back on

before you tighten the flanges aline the throttle body with the front support bracket 

little hydrolic loctite on the breather bolts 

and spacer ring is added to give clearance to the frame 

better like this

the black plastic velocity ring was used as some sort off spacer... it needs to go here , works better like this 

fuel line back on 

tps set, and she is purring again

oil change ... draining take take a while 

so wile the bike is draining oil , i put back the covers and fairing 

neath looking bike

oil filter replacement.. a long one was put on.. with the oilcooler adaptor not a smart move, to much weight and momentum on the adaptor , i will put a normal size one on 

if your oil filter socket is slipping a piece off clotch can help

normal size oil filter back on

and oil back ot level 

for tube frame model keep the level halfway to 3
/4 , if you fill here up to max, it will blow out the breathers ... test ride