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24-9-2016 XB9R front fork seal, X1 fase 2

5-10-2016 - What did we do today: 24-9-2016 Buell XB9 R front fork seal and fase 2 for the Buell X1

very nice Buell XB9R 2003, we customized this bike years ago... glad it found a new owner who apricitate this bike... allot off work has been on on this one

but it sprong a leak... right front seal is leaking.. smart to put a rag on there, so the oil will not ruwn the brake pads

so front up and fork out 

wheel bearings still ok

fork apart to replace the seals

put some isolating tape on the sharp edge off the leg to protect the seals when you push theme on

c-clip on the dust seal —

will replace the lower guide bushings as it starts to wear out

ready to be put back to getter

front axle to tq, i notiched the axle now is deeper in.. there was some tension in the front legs 

before you tighten the axle pich bolts always push down the bike a few times , so the legs can set to the axle

X1 fase 2 , service and fixing leaks , and new clutch cable and lever

hinge bolt out fer the lever to remove it 

chin spoiler removal , needs to loosen the shifter bolt 

mnnn oil should not be on the bolt 

and with the bolts removed, it starts to leak out the boles... , primary gasket is leaking

m6 in a 1/4 well nut just douse not work... needed some more to loose it 

leaking hard now... need to take the exhaust off any way for gearbox oil change 

these shift levers can be a pain.. what ever you do don't pry the slot open,, they wil break, use a lever and some plastic or rubber to force it off

exhaust off 

and drain the gearbo oil... looks like this is in way to long

ols crappy clutch cable off 

tensioner loosened —

and the cover can be taken off, you see the old style paper gasket has failed surrounding the 2 bottom holes

a little cleaning, i will put a new shifter seal in anyway, as pulling the cover off over the corroded axle douse not help the seal 

cleaning the shifter axle and some grease on there

new model gasket on and tq down the cover , start in the middle spiral out

fresh oil in

and new clutch cable with teflon liner , so much better

clutch mechanisme set 

and good time to pre maintain the cable, lube the adjuster , so it will not corrode 

new clutch lever on, comes with new pivot bolt

after adjusting, 2 small zip ties on the rubber booth ends to prevent theme from watting draining in

old broken off shift lever... is very handy to to shift the bike in gear by hand

checking the primairy tension .. ok 

stuck on hard... the special socket i have slipped already, next is the oil filter key.. next step would be the puched screw driver 

cleaning off years off dirt, so we can see if and where it leaks

x1200 bad shifting.. stuck in gear 

mnn the lever is stuck , no wonder the bike douse not want to down shift

the bushin inthe shift lever was seasing , i cleaned it up a little and some greas on there, shifted like a champ again 

exhaust back on the x1 

hard to get to bolts , little ratched is very usefull 

new well nut and 1/4 unc screw for the chin spoiler

and some loc tite on the shifter bolt

now the rear 

36mm socket 

and sometimes you need to off theme ;-) 

axle slided out very smoothly 

bearings stil ok and outer bearing still firmly in the rear wheel 

fresh rubber on

and monting some thicker grips

they feel nice , soft rubber and barrel shaped