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15-6-2018 XB12SS service check, Uly fork seals, X

29-1-2019 - 15-6-2018 XB12SS service check, Uly fork seals, XB9Sx no compression

in for some care and fresh oil 

i will remove this one.

shifter seal looks like it is leaking 

chin spoiler is toast.. a 1 piece one is much stronger

oil drained, and fresh gearbox oil in

checking the shift lever 

this was loose..( see vid ) clean and loctite

normaly you can pull these off.

if not .. do not try to pry it open.. take a lever and lever it of.. preying will break the lever 

oil seal out

some grease on the sealing lip 

and tapping it in high 5/8 socket works 

the new 06-up are stainless shafts 

oil in 

prime the oil filter , helps to cut down the no oil pressure running during starting 

wide tyre.. with stock inner belt guard. it will rub

190 /50 i think this profile is also a little wider than normal 190 

bearing check idler 

bearings rear are ok 

belt is starting to show wear and light cracks.. need to keep a eye out for this

chain tension checked 

front plug from below ..looks good with 18 K done

plug cables are also ok.. little rubbing from the throttle cables 

rear plug in

side stap... leaking uly fork seal.. making a oil catch from a piece off cloth, best way to safe the brakes , and safe to travel small distances 

bike in the lift —

front fender of

caliper bolts loose

and front end in the lift 

frotn leg out.. put some isolation tape on the nut to protect the aluminium 

cleaning the lowers

looking pritty again 

checking settings before you take the top cap of

dust seal out, and spring clip loose 

outer guide ok

inner guide ok 

so new seals

and some isolation tape to make a slide on help for the new seals

clip on the new dust seal so it is not rattleling around

little mounting grease..just because it mounts easier

and with toolhammer in the seals 

uly..oil level.. with spring 1 to 2 cm from the top :-) ( helps if you have a Uly your self ) 

fork back in

and wheel back in 

caliper cleaned and bolts in with loctite 

setting the forks on the axle by pushing the front down a few times , and than tighten the pinch bolts

xb12ss service.. sparkplug cables back on

and airfilter + base plate on

this bike also turned aroung for front wheel check 

sheesss.. this front axle was very tight ( bearings where also done )

with the forks out.. check the grounds on the steering head .. easy check now 

one down , one to go .. cleaned and checked and freshed 

front back in we have checked.. of course how deep

next one 

new wheel bearings in and wheel back in 

left scoop in.. push the ziptie barbs in the holes 

front brake fuild.. grrr... this one is to tight for the screw driver 

very easy , dril the head of 

remove the cover and you can turn out the left over ( tension is off ) 

and new fluid in

and off course new scre 

warming up, setting oil level , and test ride 

also first test ride on the S3 with 1250 kit... first time the oil get a little warm.. so check for leaks

nice and dry.. she is ready for pick up

xb9sx.. no compression fron.. going to take the head of 

loosening the w-brace 

easy to work with micron.. loosen

and remove 

and a muffler build like a tank 

sticking out parts of , before i loose my eye 

connectors loose and clutch cable loose to drop the engine

top side connectors loose 

coil out 

for better acces tot the throttle cables

wire loom guide loose 

intake manifold loose 

and out

and starting to remove the rocker box 

mnnn .. strange design pushrod 

the other one to..

me thinks the head needs to come off . breaker bar makes easy work 

no more guessing.. they made contect 

and i can see from here the exhaust valve is bend and probelby the intake to

checking the cylinder , pushrod cover of.. tape it of so no dirt can fall in

cylinder looks ok 

piston to .. a bit loose on the wrist pin.. but the rings are free and are not jammed 

checking the valves 

yep bend.. only the valve end is bend the stems are straight.. so guides should be ok to