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1-7-2015 Xb service, case rack Uly , Broken studs,

3-7-2015 - 1-7-2015 Xb service, case rack Uly , Broken studs, 1125 piston pin ( engine noise )

Xb service, smal check up 

Xb service,the bike would barelly start... battery is old and has to little CCA to crank the engine

Xb service, warming up and drain the engine oil

Xb service, strip the cover to repalce the oil filter and check belt

Xb service, rear wheel bearings are ok

Xb service, new oil filter on and putthe covers back on, loctite on the chin spoiler screws


Xb service, headlight bulb was broken, take off fly screen and loosen the top bolts on the head light 

Xb service, and remove the lower bolt

Xb service, take the head light out

Xb service, and replace the bulb, check the working before you mount it back

Xb service, new battery, disconnect the negative pole first , than the positive

Xb service, after mounting the battery , positive first, negative last

Xb service, ok... i felt it when pushing the bike... will advice the customer to look at the tire pressure more often wink-emoticon


Xb service, brke fluid change rear

Xb service, and front, little km done since the last service but it has been 4 years

Xb service, flickering led licencance plate light

Xb service, with a new one everything works better

Uly case rack, mounting the orginal "sissybar "back on the uly , the holes are slotted, for the bolts so mounting is a little easyer 

Uly case rack, new complete set cases with rack mounted... yes there still availeble , but from the orginal manufactor

Xb9Sx, broken stud

Xb9Sx, broken stud and leaking seal

Xb9Sx, broken stud this bike was just in for service. what happened , front mount hanger is broken

Xb9Sx, broken stud, dent in the exhaust , and exhaust was slided back wards , looks like something hit the exhaust hard

Xb9Sx, broken stud, and even the thick flange is bended , with the front mount broken and under so much tension, no wonder a stud broke

Xb9Sx, broken stud, that took a punch

Xb9Sx, broken stud, ok engine down

Xb9Sx, broken stud, adn remove the header 

Xb9Sx, broken stud, nice a clean and flat break point

Xb9Sx, broken stud, took out the gasket and mounted the drilling jig... i have make long drils by welding on 8mm precision pipe to the dril bits this way i can dril any exhaust stud on a Xb engine with out trouble 

Xb9Sx, broken stud, nice kobalt drils, works perfect smile-emoticon


Xb9Sx, broken stud, i dril these to 6,3 mm with the jig perfect center, and easy to clean with taps 5/16-18 to clean up and restore the threads 

Xb9Sx, broken stud, little red loctite for initional fastening , and header can be back on,

Xb9Sx, broken stud, engine up and supported front leg out

Xb9Sx, broken stud, oil seal looks strange and worn out ,will replace it

Xb9Sx, broken stud, mounting back the exhaust the new brackets

Xb9Sx, broken stud, and she is ready

1125 noise, further strip down... i always like this to see almost straight look at the piston 

1125 noise, further strip down, but with the head removed and cylinder take off, better look, most parts look like new ( as the bike is new )

1125 noise, further strip down, but the piston pin is worn out, as the noise i heared , the early 08 models could have this problem, the later models have upgraded pins and pistons

1125 noise, further strip down, also scoring in the piston

125 noise, further strip down 

1125 noise, further strip down, even the rod end looks like it has some markings

37 deg.C. in the shade to day , to hot to ride motor cycles frown-emoticon