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23-9-2015 XB12SX check up and front seals, XB9 pis

24-9-2015 - What did we do today 23-9-2015 XB12SX check up and front seals, XB9 pistons ( finaly )

very nice XB12SX 2010 model in with new owner for a total check up,

XB12SX check up, battery poles are tight

XB12SX, drain and trip, engine oil and gearbox oil

XB12SX... T27 screws.... some one has been sticking T25 in there... and slipping the tool bit :-X

XB12SX front sparky out

XB12SX, drain plugs back in... this is gearbox... with first oil change breaking in the gearbox this is normal

XB12SX, right side covers strip

XB12SX, and the old oil filter off

XB12SX, good habit to check the bearing.. little silly on a 2010 low milage, but any way check theme...

XB12SX, some one asked a few weeks ago how to spot a 2010 3 bearing wheel... well you can see the big dust seals

XB12SX, and the loose spacer on the brake side... beware off this one, wheel will not aline good when you drop this spacer ( 2010 3 bearing rear wheels only )

XB12SX, 2010 axle is black ( can be retrofitted on the older XB models ) and nice and lubed up

XB12SX, give here a spin to check the bearings

XB12SX, ok wheel back in, gearbox oil to level

XB12SX, and adjusting the clutch mechanisem

XB12SX, priming the new oil filter

XB12SX and setting the lever end play with the outer clutch cable adjuster

XB12SX, 5e gear , rear wheel in the air, and bump the engine around , to check the primairy chain for tight spots, and check the freeplay

XB12SX, ok top side remove the cover and airfilter box

XB12SX, and cehck the sparkplug wires

XB12SX, gapped and never sease ready to go in

XB12SX, airfilter base plate cleaned, and put back on

XB12SX, those T25 screws.. well at about 8 euros a piece.. i can still used theme, on a place that is not used so much... tapping a T27 bit in theme a few times to remove the burs , inside the airbox they will do

XB12SX, time for the front end , fighting the brake caliper bolts, the first time is always very hard to remove these, use good fitting tools

XB12SX, front fender off

XB12SX, strange left leg is leaking ?

XB12SX, line the slot fromt he 8 piston caliper up witht he wheels spokes push the pads a little back to remove the caliper with out damage to the wheel paint

XB12SX, front legs out

XB12SX, little isolation tape to protect the black fragile cap nut

XB12SX, and front fork striping

XB12SX, seals and guide bushings out

XB12SX, on the left side little scratches, will clean this up

XB12SX, isolation tape over the sharp edges to start and protect the seals

XB12SX, and with the trusted seal tool , hammer the oil seal home

XB12SX, do the same for the right lig

XB12SX, i like to put the c-clip on the dust seal to protect the legs during mounting

XB12SX, forks back to gettter, fill theme with 400 cc and bleed the rebound damper untill the strokes up and down feels controlled from top to bottum

XB12SX, fill a little more oil and set to level 95-97 mm airchamber in this case ( 2010 SX )

XB12SX, legs back in

XB12SXm and wheel back on...

XB12SX, making a over contact feed for the navigation, well that is already on the bike ( 2008 up ) only need to plug it in...

XB12SX, making a little more room with the speedo meter off

XB12SX, putting terminals in the cover plug that is already on the conector... and plug here up

XB12SX, off cource checking iff the acc relais is in wink-emoticon

XB12SX, fresh brake fluid in

XB12SX, checking the suspesion settings for the new owener

XB12SX, loose grips... don't like theme

XB12SX, pulled the grip off and new glue on, feels so much better

XB12SX, heating here up for oil level check and test ride smile-emoticon

XB9 diesel... after a long time the customer gave his ok for repair... as the bike had run way to long on a fuel / diesel mixture it needed new pistons and the cylinders where bad, lucky for hime we have over size XB9 pistons wink-emoticon so cylinders where bored to oversize and a set off fresh pistons are on

XB9 Diesel... the front head was flushed clean by the diesel

XB9 diesel, the rear cylinder was sort off working , the bike came in running on 1 cylinder and smoking like a steamboot frown-emoticon