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26-1-2018 lower engine XB12X, check up Xb12X

10-4-2018 - What did we do today: 26-1-2018 lower engine Buell XB12X, another XB12X in for check up.

Lower engine from customer, this engine made a whining bearing noise,

so we striped and pressed out the gearbox bearings

time to put new ones in.. 2006 and up the main bearing is a double row angle contact bearings , in stead off the single row deep groeve bearings 
the double row is much better

pressed in the case

lubing the dry bearing with gearbox oil and let it drip through the other side

5e gear / end drive

wil replace these needle bearings to.. the new model 5e gear , note the clip inside

old ones out and new in

and pulling the 5e gear in place.

no need for the suire o-ring on this.. as there is a oil sealing ring on the 5e gear axle it self 

c-clip in and again some oil to drip inside

and mounting the outer seal 

gearbox detent holder tool inserted so we will not dammage the detend lever, and this case half is ready

2 more bearings to go

the 06 up gearbox uses a different counter shaft bearing , the main shaft is the same as the older models 

shafts in the locating / press tool 

aaah bugger.. forgot the hold the gear in position while placing the shafts in , it will not slide over it .. do it again ... pressing the axle a little out.. do not force the gear in place !

2e time right ;-)

and gearbox in place

prelube the shifter forks and slide theme in position , put the slider shafts in.. but leave theme out the way off the shifter drum

shifter drum in.. locate the forks in there slots and tap the slider shafts in the case

cleaning and degreasing the case halfs again , and aply a thin bead case sealer gasket

crank in prelube the pinion bearing 

and slide the halfs to getter, turn the gearbox and crank if the case will not go down easy.. do not hammer it to getter !! 

with 2 bolts in.. remove the detent tool 

and check the gearbox on working.. shifting smooth and every gear

everything shifts good.. so red loctite on the case bolts and tightening

everything shifts good.. so red loctite on the case bolts and tightening

24 Nm from the center working our

sprocket bearing spacer / side play ring in place 

hammer the oil seal in 

and the seal clip in place 

cleaned up the spacer and mount it in 

stator plug a little silicone bead to help it seal 

and bed the wires 

shifter mechanism in

and cover on.. for transport protection

rear engine mount on

neutral switch in

just checking.. meeeh.. this one is on it's way out

will mount a new one.. so this wil be trouble free

gearbox breather hose back on

pully back on with lock plate

and some protective packing for transport , so the customer can finish the assembly 

2e Uly for this customer, after a mishap/ crash.. he did found a new one... asked us to check up , as this will be a daily ride again

tires are still very old model.. you get used to theme but i think they corner bad

rubbing marks on the ecm connectors 

and cracks are there.. i will relocate the ecm so this will not become a issue 

intake seals 1 on 1 .. there is a relation between idle rpm ,tps and ego. high idle - low tps suspect intake leak ( see vid )

engine oil out

chin spoiler off, clutch cable is sweating a little

chewy screw..

ok.. that douse not work like it should

basicly the exhaust is haning loose at the front , and it is looking at the rattle wear marks


leaking and rattleling... new muffler bushings and clamp it correct 


 brake pad will be replaced.

breaker bar needed to loose the rear axle. usualy not a good sign

indeed.. wheel bearings are on there way out 

the belt is showing some wear

not really bad. but this needs to be checked more than 1e a year

clutch cable adjuster looks corroded... — bij Twin Motorcycles Buell Support forever.

ok lock nut could be loosened.. will try to loosen the long nut. with some penetrating oil in there — bij Twin Motorcycles Buell Support forever.

checking the front end — bij Twin Motorcycles Buell Support forever.

as the disk looks bad — bij Twin Motorcycles Buell Support forever.

with a sharpy a better view what is going on — bij Twin Motorcycles Buell Support forever.



lightly aply the brake and turn the wheel , you see the sharpy lines fade — bij Twin Motorcycles Buell Support forever.



in the center gone — bij Twin Motorcycles Buell Support forever.



while here still visible . al firm indicator the disk is warped , or at least is missing a big contact pad , so it is braking less powerfull / bad — bij Twin Motorcycles Buell Support forever.



front bearings are done for aswell — bij Twin Motorcycles Buell Support forever.