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13-3-2014 Buell 1125CR, Xb12Scg long, Xb12S 08.

27-2-2015 - Buell 1125CR, sweating hoses. Buell Xb12Scg long, swing arm change to long. XB12S 2008, make a bullet proof front exhaust mounting system.

Buell 1125CR, sweating hoses, there was some non brake fluid resistant hose used to put the remote reservoirs on, took a little time to find a good suplier for silicone hose by length.


Buell 1125CR, sweating hoses, clutch one replaced.


Buell 1125CR, sweating hoses, love the top bleed valve design, you can bleed the system so much better , draining the fluid before replacement.


Buell 1125CR, sweating hoses, and nice silicone hose one.


Buell Xb12Scg long, swing arm change to long.


Buell Xb12Scg long, we had the swing arm painted to match the frame color better.


Buell Xb12Scg long, long swing arm in, bike is just to low now.


Buell Xb12Scg long, taken from the original measurement we need 25 mm higher.


Buell Xb12Scg long, set the height good with the jack.


Buell Xb12Scg long, need a little longer shock absorber, after contact customer ordered a custom length shock.


Buell Xb12Scg long, line off the bike looks better now engine case horizontal.


Buell Xb12Scg long, wiring up the SOC tail section.


Buell Xb12S 2008, after small maintenance, and blown spark plug, took a few test rides , and ready for customer.


XB12S 2008, other project, make a bullet proof front exhaust mounting system, was the 3e original bracket that broke.


Buell Xb, inspecting crank that was send in, for Big end bearing replacement , front rod bearing gone.


Buell Xb, will be off to the Machine shop for repair.