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Xb intake seals, X1 belt quicky, XB bolt broken

4-8-2015 - What did we do today 1-8-2015, Xb intake seals, X1 belt quicky, broken head mount bolt XB

Xb intake seals, Nice build Xb12 S -/SS in for leaking seals 

Xb intake seals, airbox removed and take off the velocity stack

Xb intake seals, left airscoop off a,d v-brace loose

Xb intake seals, right airscoop off

Xb intake seals, loosen clutch cable adjuster, and hook the cable out the lever, remove the throttle cables from the handle

Xb intake seals,support the engine and loosen the hangerbolt, in this case the insert in the frame came loose, forcing it ( keeping tension on it with a wrech on the allen bit and make turns did the trick )

Xb intake seals, bolt loose cn be unscrewed by hand

Xb intake seals, engine rotated down, unplug injector wires and tps connector

Xb intake seals,with a cut off 1/4 allen key you can loosen the allen bolts

Xb intake seals, the other side are 1/2 spanner bolts

Xb intake seals, tps cable was put in wrong, and is wearing down on the front spark plug cable

Xb intake seals, throttle body out

Xb intake seals, now first fic the thread insert.. loose the bumper mounting bolt

Xb intake seals, and peel off the bumstop to the frame

Xb intake seals 1" socket and unscrew the insert

Xb intake seals, a little cleaning and back in with loctite

Xb intake seals, throttle body back in and tightening the screws evenly left /right/ front/ rear

Xb intake seals, easy spark plug change;-)

Xb intake seals, and a new spark plug wire

Xb intake seals, a better routing off the tps cable

Xb intake seals, mounting back the top side stuff

Xb intake seals, and hooking back in the throttle wires

Xb intake seals, and airbox back on.

X1 belt... easy job 

X1 belt, removed the passenger pegs remove the fender screws

X1 belt, front pully cover off

X1 belt, screw in the belt adjusters

X1 belt, and loosen the axle nut, push the wheel forward

X1 belt, loosen the removeble plate on the frame ( catch the falling nuts on the rear wink-emoticon )

X1 belt, and the plate can be tke off, a little support off the tail / frame off the bike is enough

X1 belt, belt slided on

X1 belt, and removeble plate back on

X1 belt, fender bolts back in, and moutn back the passenger pegs

X1 belt, check the adjustment and line out off the wheel , please the belt needs to be loose unloaded, fo the correct tension sit on the bike to compress the suspension , it should have some play then..

X1 belt, tighten the axle nut again, check the belt tension again over 1500 km as the belts do strech a little from new 

Xb front mount bolt broken, very nice bike 

Xb front mount bolt broken, long time owner... allot off love in this bike

Xb front mount bolt broken, not very common on XB , bolt broken off

Xb front mount bolt broken, with the engine supported removing the front mount to have a look 

Xb front mount bolt broken, had been loose a longer time, looking at the wear marks, i noticed the other bolt was tightened but little to no loctite. i think the bolt came loose, and a loose bolt cannot handle much load,

Xb front mount bolt broken, nice clean break.. hoping no loctite on this one to and will be removed easy