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24-6-2016 Xb12r lot off goodies to mount

11-8-2016 - 24-6-2016 Xb12r lot off goodies to mount

come rain or bad wheater... to the point 9.o clock sharp customer came in.. had some really nasty wheather in Germany

ok do the things when there hot... oil drain

and as we need to do allot on this bike... strip about everyting else off

mnnnn i put a nice one in here

and the old iron head sparkplugs i will remove theme

running a little lean... we will fix this :-) an replace them with the right ones:

so on with the check up , rear wheel out

and a spring tensioner needs to go on, so off with the old one

road salt in Norway is the same as our roadsalt... bracket is almost seazed

a bit off prying and penatrating oil .. it came off

a look at some off the thing we need to mount... full day , hope i make it to day

good . gear box oil in

tensioner was to loose.. will adjust it

rear wheel out

nice and lubed :-) good to see

rear wheel bearings are still ok

i take out the swing arm brace , as a new belt is also to be mounted

and do a little tough up paint

new reardisk... i'm not even try to do these by hand 

disk can be a little stuck on.. a tap will losen it

new disk and new tyre.... disk to TQ with a drop off blue loctite

new belt on and rear wheel in place

front end supported.. and replace the front mount

nicly corroded

i will put the new one on with some neverseas

red loctite on the head bolts

and tq down to 66NM

and new clutch cable brace put on the cable

with the new disk is will replace the pads, as i see there also worn un even , i will clean the slide pin

take the bracket from the caliper

and clean the pin and hole... and put new grease in there , press it in with the pin untill you hear it squirt out

new sifter bolt with loctite

and front sparkplug from below

time to move up ,

remove the tail section

as we need to replace the indicators

and the tail light

new 2010 LED light needs to go on

very bright , and this is normal light

unscrew the indictors from theundertray

marked in the box.. but you can see by the drain holes if the indicator is left or right side

cleaning up the wire harness some , for better looks

like this you see less of the cables :-)

new tail

moving forward... sparkplug cables... yep done for

new rear plug in

time for the front end

as we need to be under there... easy to remove the front fairing completly , the 2 bottum screws from the windscreen

the 4 nut from the mirrors, and the indictors off and you can take off the front fairing

switch needs to be replaced by a heated one

and the brake master gets a upgrade to the 8 piston caliper one

steeringpipes off

to put in some new and not corroded ones

the same for the clutch / keft side

new pipe on

ztl2 master cylinder in

and the new short brake lever

switch + heated grip on

so front wheel out

and the old caliper off

front wheel bearings are done, i will press some new ones in

to look at it the front fork has never been out

with some tape i will protect the cap nut

so front oil is changed... setting the max rebound pointing to each other

and front end back in

new bearings, disk and rubber :-)

use a little loctite on the bolts and tq down to 35Nm

tata... big ass 8 pot caliper . mucho plenty braking power here

will put some new bolt in.. as the old ones are a little nasty

50Nm on the caliper bolts, and wheel back in

new brake line

mounted... outside so the line will not catch between the fender and tyre

don't know yet... new brake line brace...makes the line stick out a little to far for my taste ?

bleeding the front brake

and replacing the rear fluid

left heated grip need to be screwed on the handle bar , the Buell kit come with a jig

makes live much more easy

the 2 self tapping screws in and the grip is firmly in place, and easy to remove with out having to hassle with glue

routing the heated grip wires

and giving the throttle heatedgrip some room to move

heavy rust removal :-)

side stand off

and chin spoiler bracket on, red loctite on the side stand bolts please !

pre assembly the Black TQ hammer nice ceramic coating

and exhaust mounted... need to finish this to morrow