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4-2-2016 little crash damage Xb, start 1125 engine

5-2-2016 - What did we do today 4-2-2016 little crash damage Xb, start 1125 engine

1125 engine , make a start with replacement, something really bad happened.. not sure what the first thing out was ? , but starter motor was punched off the case 

and the transmission blocked at 240 km/h

mnn... the fastest way i removed a 1125 starter 

not to mention very special you can take out the piston pin leaving the heads on 

piston is broken, i can see the top thorugh the valves, but this is the connecting rod end

tried to make a corner on its own , not good

looks like the rod end has been punching holes all around 

valves intake front and rear , are in different positions a set , not good , we start removing this engine 

xb9s little crash damage rebuild, back from the painters 

some cosmetic upgrades are also done, powder coating the headlight sides 

so first one in , hold down with 1 bolt on the ignition switch 

and slide in the right head light side , and moutn the bolts , leave theme loose to put the headlight hanger bracket it

with the headlight bracket in , tighten de bolts, you need a security bit for the 2 middle bolts holding the ignition switch

ziptie the cable loom to the middle 

dash back in best way is to leave the rubber on on the back one and slide the 2 front ones in 

indicators on 

now first battery back in to check the electrics 

head light on and testing 1,2 

the footpeg bracket was bend in 

and peg pivot was oval from the force 

so new plate on and new peg, hold the spring with your thumb and slide in the pivot pin 

pin and mount the c-clip 

passengers bracket back on, the long bolts go to the rear on a S model 

as you need this lenght to mount the counter nut to hold the battery bracket 

china led wire colors... really... no sence... ground is yellow , i will isolate theme 

indicator relais did not work, with the old relais

i will mount one for LED lights , but need to switch feed and ground in the socket , as indicated on the relais 


a little cleaning and polish... and she is ready to go