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22-4-2016 1125CR check up finish , XB holiday chec

6-6-2016 - 22-4-2016 1125CR check up finish , XB holiday check

the fork oil in the 1125 looks like it is in a long time

dust seals off and seal holder clip out

1125 legs are easy... with the top cap off you can just pull out the lower leg , and remove the oil seal

look in side , the middle guide bushings.. non replaceble , this it the one that can click a little when you lightly push down the front , as some tolerance need to be in to fit this bushing in the factory

new seal in and clip in, slide the lower leg back in and dust seal.. and full with oil

bought legs back in

using the front leg as a mounting stand to replace the brake pads ( loosen the pad pins )

new pads in

and wheel back in

i did not tighten the lower triples clamps yet as i felt a steering head knock pushing and braking the bike , i will retighten the steering head , loosen the pinch bolt

remove the handle bar clamp, loosen and retighten the stem nut

fancy alu bolts.. use a little bolt lube when you mount these

so on with the next job.. rotor upgrade to oil jetted one , oil line taken out off the oil cooler

ignition timing sensor out

cover off and , bolts and nut off

clean uo the sprag housing threads, and clean off the old loctite from the bolts

before you put the starter clutch bock on, prelube this one

as the fitting is very tight it works easier to first put the starter clutch back on the crank , and than the rotor

many questions... you guys send back my old one, where are the oil jet holes ? whell that tiny spec in the radius is the jet out let , need to be tiny to keep oil pressure high rpms , and large enough to make a cooling oil spray over the stator

line up the starter clutch holes with the rotor

and put the bolts and nuts back on.. with loctite !!

nuts an bolt to TQ specs

cleaned the gasket surface , and put a little dab off silicone on the rubber wire inlet

cover back on take care off the wires not getting pinched

slowly getting bac to the top side off the bike , the front brake feels like i'm having
osteoarthritis in my hands

a little cleaning and relubeing make all the differance

so the wire mess , hd wire harness "upgrade" was mounted, but the connector that switched the relais was not connected ?

i wil take the hd mod wire harness out.. looks like it done for aswell ( the stator is still ok )

wire harness out

original connections made, the added steering connector wire can be left unplugged

startup... nice .. charging healty

left it to iddle so the fans will kick in. still keeping a charge ... ok

oil level check... was recently changed , mnnn i will take some oil out, level is to high and will spit out the breather to much

checking the rear wheel ... missing the axle pich bolt

and i needed to use some negotiating skills to loose the rear axle

with the bolt tension off i can remvoe the idler pulley

defenaly has been jammed / stopped by something ( stone ? )

use idler wheel mounted, i still had one... bearing are good, parts are flying out the door at the moment , hard to keep stock ... but we are working hard on that ... thanks guys !!

new bolt pinch bolt back on

and pully cover for some better protection... now test ride .. still a trilling bike to ride..

XB summer check up

and oil change... filter is pressurized , when the bike is hot you hear it pop, and make a splatter , i will clean the exhaust

primary chain check

and making some easy mounts luggage rack

x1 little health check.. bike is running rough.. tps was way to low , i reset this , now first the exhaust gaskets needs to be fixed ( front one i leaking ) but it did run nice already,.. but like a hit and miss engine through the leaking exhaust port gasket