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23-2-2018 1125CR cylinder head, XB12SCG Service

26-5-2018 - What did we do today 23-2-2018 Buell 1125CR cylinder head, Buell XB12SCG check and like new

on the 1125 with oil consumption. we cleaned the valves

old seals of

and to clean the head.. the valve spring seats

some time later.. lots off carbon cleaned off the exhaust tracks

as we have broken the seal.. best to replace the base gaskets

cylinder off , looks ok

piston / rings looking ok

removing the base gasket

and cleaning the head gasket

drop of oil under the valve seats

and the valve seals go on

drop of oil on the stem.. and valves back in

  fidely keys.. even smaller than air cooled buell ones

check if seated ok

intake done

this one douse not wanted to play.. pressure off again and readjust the key

checking the slot position.. i noticed some thing strange

need to take the piston off to check

piston pin pulled out

top and 2e ring easy to spot.. topside marked witn N

this was what i noted.. oil ring hold a loose wire

the wire is broken off the oil scraper spacer ring

this ring is there to preven the but ends of the spacer do not slide on top off each other, and so have to less tension to seal ( the oiling problem ) need to order a set new rings for this cylinder

next... check up xb12SCG... in very nice condition

2009 model with 4271 km... we are asked to prep this bike by the new owner,

we start changing the fluids , this look black

and i will mount the exhaust straps nicer

and we will replace the gearbox breahter hose as it is burned to the header

still some corrosion

rear wheel out , remove the brake caliper

new gearbox oil in

loosen the outer cable adjuster

and set the clutch mechanisme

so little run.. but shifter bolt is loose

tighten with loctite

eeehh no 

new rubber, i'm sure the new owner douse not mind

same for the primairy chain, way to loose.. i wonder if this bike ever had the 1600 km inspection

belt tensioner loose

rear wheel out.. axle is virgin. i will lube it up

some other corrosion spot

these are the first tyres.. now 10 years old.. better to replace these, as they get unpredicteble

new michelin road 5 mounted..

axle protected with lube so the bearings will not freez on the axle

rear exhaust straps mounted nice

looks beter like this

for now belt tensioner on

will replace this with spring loaded tensioner.. and i change the corroded washer

normaly easy job.. hose off

and pulling new hose through

except the breather pipe broke on the gearbox case... grrrr

hose pulled trough

and taking off the primairly cover to take the startermotor off

clutch loose

tensioner of

and cover bolts out

oil ine bracket loose

and breahter line loose

speed sensor is a disasster 2008-up easy to unsrew the complete sensor and than remove the connector

rear tierod loose

speed sensor out

battery cable loose , and remove the starter feed cable

the 2 startermoter bolts are left side

you can take the top bolt, the lower one you can leave in

starter out

tx bit tapped in

and with spanner remove the left over piece

new pipe in

smart to put the hose and clamp in before you mount the startermotor .. very little room to do this when mounted

mounting speed sensor back in

hose ziptied to hold distance to the header

oil line holder slided in position

ans starter motor back on.. new gasket

and mounting the cover. back starting in the middle spiral out

clutch back in again

old oil filter of and new one on

and inspect the front end / replace tire