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What did we do today 13-1-2016 XB9SX big maintenan

14-1-2016 - What did we do today 13-1-2016 XB9SX in need off some love big maintenance

nice XB9SX in for big maintenance check up

just a quick look around the bike can already point out some things, neutral light not working

battery cable loose ( can cause big problems )

while warming up the leak test did react on the bike idle

as the brake cleaner make the mixture fatter, the ego correction gouse way down as sign the intake seals are leaking

little corrosion in the charger plug / connectors

high beam works with the switch

but the pass light switch douse not, i presume bad contact in the switch

and when you see a front engine mount like this, it is worn wink-emoticon rubber is cracked

clutch cable is sweating on the transition between the outer cable and the metal fitting ( i can turn it ) hapens often when you try to loosen the cable and it is bend , to much tension

so we have a little base line on what extras there are, to make a repair plan and combine jobs , drain the oil while hot

ok need to check also the watter tight ness off the cable / breather hose , to see if this is just allot off cold riding / little trips , or leaking watter inside the gearbox though the clutch cable gater

clutch cable looks good for the rest, and the boot is in good condition

checking primairy chain tension , loos way to loose

yep to loose , mesure this at least at 3 points the tension can change

old style side stand bolt, loose , will clean / lube and put some strong loctite on

rattle test for the shifter, you will notice if any bolts are loose if you give it a little rattle

mnnn ... could turn this one by hand, lucky it is still in

clutch cable end loos and shrink sleave with glue, the glue is heat activated, start in the middle

and work bought end so you see a litle glue comming out the ends

old style side stand pivot , cleaned the threads, little grease and heavy duty loctite will hold it

exhaust spring puller come in handy to reatach the spring

shift lever back on with loctite please

rear end check

little to no lube on the axle , can couse it the bind on the bearings

rear wheel bearings are done

need to call the customer , would advice to replace the belt,

to meaure is to know, resistance old neutral switch 4,3 M ohm way to much to let it work

little check it is not the connecting cable , perfet

wiht the belt off , long thin walled socket 5/8 you can just get to the switch under a angle , will work , as it is not super tight

make sure you also take the cruch ring out the hole , a new ruch ring come with the switch

new switch in place , checking 1,3 perfect

fresh bearings smile-emoticon

cleaning the axle and lube'R up

on with the intake seals engine supported

mnnn nasty bolt , in the new font isolator kit is a new one.. but need to confirm with the customer about the repairs first

stripping top side... to pitty translucent covers are freaking fragile , even more so when the spacers are not used

air filter... yeah looks like way overtime for this one , will put a nice one in

spark plug pliers double up very good as spring clip pliers for the intake stack

loose throttle cables


and start losening the intake manifold , nothing beets a cut off 1/4 allen key to break the first tension , you can use bal end things to remove but a good allen key will help to keep the socket heads nice

combining jobs , spark plugs the easy way wink-emoticon

and rear

rear one was a litle off

hard edge in the seals ( inner piece )

cleanig up the runners

and now is a good time to lube the idle cable

lyning up the manifold mounting, i put the screw in tighten and loose it 2 turns

connecting top stuff back on

routing off the breather hoses , long one to the right , short one to the left

base plate on and ne K&N filter


time for th front end ,

nice XB9SX in for big maintenance check up