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14-3-2015 Uly gremlins , repairing Alu parts

17-3-2015 - ULY gremlins, as i was test rding this buell, it felt really not ok, stuttering ( we replace the intake gaskets before ) as i move the throttle cables the ecm power shut off.. wire loom could be the problem , take off the headligt unit to ahve a look


ULY gremlins, the ground ware ok, but little pulling on the loom made the gremlin come out , taking off some isolation to have a better look.


ULY gremlins, still nothing to see, i will take off the guide and pull the loom out between the legs.


ULY gremlins, now we are getting some where, as i wiggle the loom the error apears, all wires look unscaved.


ULY gremlins, ok wire for wire wiggle and feel, this one is the caus.


ULY gremlins, and with very little force i could break the wire as the leads where only toughing by the isolation the wire was broken inside.


ULY gremlins, repairing makes the wire less flexible so determan where the more ridgid points are and using solder connection pieces a new wire is put in between.


ULY gremlins, isolating the loom.


ULY gremlins, and back in the electrics, this problem is over, now the next as the speedo seams to reset every few minutes... these gremlins are really time consuming to hunt down.


broken side frames , can be fixed.


broken side frames , back from the welder.


broken side frames looking good and strong again.


broken side frames drilling and tapping the treads for the passengers foot peg brackect.


broken side frames , test fitting, perfect, can go out with the rest off the parts for powder coating.