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3-9-2015 Uly time... :-)

5-9-2015 - What did we do today 3-9-2015 Uly time... :-)

beautiful XB12X 08 in for some love and performance upgrades

XB12X 08... bike is still fresh, not even run in completely wink-emoticon rare find with so less km 

XB12X 08, comfort kit was already mounted.. but the firm where was not upgraded in the ecm ? 


XB12X 08. creative big right airscoop mounted , will clean up the edge a little to give it more clearance as the plastic is melted some

XB12X 08, check all... so undress the bike , removing the covers

XB12X 08. little warm up and bring back up the engine oil from out the case

XB12X 08. and draining the fluids

XB12X 08. checking for loose bolts.. even with this low km done i noticed some screws where loose 

XB12X 08. little clean up and apply loctite.. so it will stay on

XB12X 08. front plug out

XB12X 08, drain plug gearbox... don't worry looks normal , heavy metal contact startermotor, will give much debris

XB12X 08. oil drain plug.. looks good, stil notice the bike is running in a little

XB12X 08. cleaning the drain plugs and with a little plummers loctite to help against sweating

XB12X 08.gearbox oil back in can be ordered here:

XB12X 08. some where the clutch cable had come to close to the header, 

XB12X 08. adjuster still new from factory, with a little neverseas now, it will last a long time

XB12X 08. clutch adjusted cover back on gasket

XB12X 08. fresh oil filter back on. filter

XB12X 08.problems shifting to neutral check your primairy chain... way to loose in this case

XB12X 08, good habits check wheel bearings.. still perfect will lube the axle so the bearings will not freese to the axle 

XB12X 08. removing the rear exhaust straps

XB12X 08. and loose the front strap

XB12X 08. remove the hanger bolt

XB12X 08. Euro models only loosen the wire from the clip 

XB12X 08. loosen the exhaust cable , and you can remove some rust wink-emoticon

XB12X 08, very early 08..? old model side stand ( engine case also not prepaired for new model )

XB12X 08. but really a 08 model with the matching front fork

XB12X 08., side stand back on with chin spoiler bracket

XB12X 08. pre assembly off the TQ hammer exhaust. TH

XB12X 08. and slide the exhaust on to the header , match the hole for the front hanger and mount this bolt

XB12X 08. all stainless hard ware seases very fast.. a little neverseas on the threads will help

XB12X 08. rear straps loosly mounted rotate the mufler body so the side stand douse not tought ( ULY has a long stand )

XB12X 08. all in position , fasten the front bolts 

XB12X 08.and clamp

XB12X 08. and rear straps, dent the straps so the pulley runs free

XB12X 08. and right side chin spoiler bracket on

XB12X 08. front plug in and cable on

XB12X 08.scoop cleaned up and back on

XB12X 08. K&n filter in. filter

XB12X 08. exhaust cable wire removed from the solinoid 

XB12X 08. and pull the inner cable out, fold it back over and some heat shrink over it to protect the cables , and bind it behind the pully cover 

XB12X 08. checking battery poles , could do with a little tightening

XB12X 08. swapping the ecm for one with the latest firmware. our famous flash 

XB12X 08, covers back on

aligning the fork 

XB12X 08. loosening the pinch bolts

XB12X 08. aaaah frst time losening the caliper bolts... wresseling with the high strenght loctite

XB12X 08. as expected front wheel bearings good to go

XB12X 08.will lube the axle so the bearings will not seas

XB12X 08. caliper back on and tighten to specs

XB12X 08.nasty brake fluid... change every year !!

XB12X 08. out with the old , in with the new

XB12X 08. and don't forget the rear 

XB12X 08. i love uly's they come with there one tool tray smile-emoticon ... now test ride... i love my job.. customer will be surpriced when he gets his bike back.. less coffie grinder VW beetle noise and a fist full off TQ now