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27-8-2015 XB12STT in need off some love

30-8-2015 - What did we do todaY 27-8-2015 XB12STT in need off some love

XB12STT TLC , brought in by van, as the battery is dead 

XB12STT TLC, battery indeed is dead.. no spacers used on the recesed battery poles , not really good for contact

XB12STT TLC, fresh battery in , comes with spacers wink-emoticon

XB12STT TLC, starts runs.. not nice but runs, and charges , error code exhaust valve and low fuel light always on...

XB12STT TLC, starts runs.. not nice but runs, and charges , error code exhaust valve and low fuel light always on...

XB12STT TLC, well first the wet stufff. old oil out

XB12STT TLC, while draining a little go around the bike, few missing screws 

XB12STT TLC, left fork seal leaking

XB12STT TLC, axle sticking out , and forks are sticking heavy

XB12STT TLC, right fork seal leaking , tension on the front legs will do that

XB12STT TLC, and as this is a 07 model the rocker gaskets are leaking

XB12STT TLC, and the side stand can use a little lubrication

XB12STT TLC, ok oil plugs back in , a little plummers loctite will help to seal

XB12STT TLC, gearboc oil in and adjusting the clutch mechanisme

XB12STT TLC, as we need to rotate the engine, i start stripping things

XB12STT TLC, fresh oil filter on prime it a with a little oil 

XB12STT TLC, rear wheel check.... my god... needed to hang with my full weight on this... i would say that is not 22 NM

XB12STT TLC, the rear axle is also stupid tight... 300 pound gorrila tight... way to tight

XB12STT TLC, as we are working on a budget... i will keep the belt on the to do list, not really bad but , the wear signs are there 

XB12STT TLC, cracks are showing

XB12STT TLC, primaire check , a little to tight

XB12STT TLC, shifter bolt loose , look out for these 

XB12STT TLC, little loctite and tighten

XB12STT TLC, engine supported, and mount bolt out, bone dry will put some never seas on

XB12STT TLC, comman cracks on the translucent body works , it's nice but fragile

XB12STT TLC... mnnn not the first time this is off, but nobody bothered to put the seal back in good

XB12STT TLC, push, press , pulll the 2e model fuel line connector can be a pain to remove

XB12STT TLC, engine down... screws on the cover lining up to the availeble holes

XB12STT TLC, and removing the rocker cover

XB12STT TLC, yep old model seals... will all leak

XB12STT TLC, while the new seals have no issue anymore

XB12STT TLC, with the engine down, easy spark plug change

XB12STT TLC, gap theme and some neverseas on the threads

XB12STT TLC, checking the plug wires for corrosion

XB12STT TLC, and rubbing marks , will replace this one

XB12STT TLC, as the bike did run not very nice , and ilde is way to high for the tps setting ( 1200 rpm @ 4,4 deg tps ) no need to check for leaks , witht he engine down already.. nothing to it to change the intake seals

XB12STT TLC, looks like the gap to the heads is a little to big , will put blue seals in ( these are thicker )

XB12STT TLC, before you test for intake leaks , check if the vacuum port is still coverd, can give a false reading

XB12STT TLC, manifold test fitted to check the gap , yep blue seals it is

XB12STT TLC, manifolt back on.. wire back on, green to ther rear white to the front injector

XB12STT TLC, engine up and front mount on, v-brace back on

XB12STT TLC, hooking in the throttle wires

XB12STT TLC, and ziptie the tps sensor wire to the fuel rail , so the wires don't vibrate so much

XB12STT TLC, ok time from the front end

XB12STT TLC... sheees ... the 300 pound gorrila had his way with the front axle to

XB12STT TLC. funny i loosen the axle the tension comes off the front forks... wonder why the seal where leaking ? .

XB12STT TLC, the axle end is butted, that is way the front forks are under so much tension 

XB12STT TLC, well a little on the late.. and some sand paper.. will do

XB12STT TLC, so front end out

XB12STT TLC, to fix the leaks... first to clean theme

XB12STT TLC, dust seal off and c-clip loose

XB12STT TLC, using the lower leg as a slide hammer to pull out the oil seall , inspect the guide bushings.. good to go

XB12STT TLC, little trick to protect your seals.. some isolation tape over the sharp edges..

XB12STT TLC, everything stacked to getter

XB12STT TLC, and with the seal driver tool , seated the oil seal 

XB12STT TLC, same for the other leg... i like to put a litle soft grease on the lips on the seals before mounting... will help initional sliding and mounting

XB12STT TLC, forks to getter, filled with oil , and bleeding the rebound damper untill the stroke feels solid the whole way up and down 

XB12STT TLC. the front caliper is just nasty... will clean this one out

XB12STT TLC, forks back in and front wheel bearings replaced

XB12STT TLC, axle works much better now

XB12STT TLC... and no tension on the front legs

XB12STT TLC, and brake caliper tighened