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18-8-2016 1125CR 20000 km check big service

9-9-2016 - What did we do Today 18-8-2016 Buell 1125CR 20000 km check big service

nice one , in for a big check up 

while i'm heating up the engine, starting to strip the body work

take care left side drain plug, the oil will stream out hard 

right side drain plug out 

and oil filter cover off 

clean with new o-ring oil filter back in 

now as we need to rotate the engine, removing the exhaust 

and rear mounts off

checking the rear wheel , pinch bolt 10mm allen !

and remove the rear caliper by using the holes in the brake disk , with a long extention you can reach it from the left side 

axle was binding a little, needed the breaker bar to loosen it 

rear pads are still ok 

rear bearings not... will replace these 

belt is a keep a eye on it one... not really bad, but little cracks are showing 

axle cleaned and lubed , wheel back in

axle cleaned and lubed , wheel back in

and moving up on the bike, 1125 airboxes are always full off dirt...

bike swapped around to service the front and rotate the engine

i noticed a sound when i spin the wheel ??? always on the same place... mnnn custom valve cap is hitting the brake caliper , lucky it did not break off the valve stem... i will put a normal one on

front wheel bearings are ok 

front legs out, and clearing the wire loom for engine rotation, horn connectors off and pulled out the wire harness

and remove rear O2 sensor connector

intake ariduct out 

and engine bolts out 

remove the ignition cover plug so you can turn the engine over 

is normal oil will come out off this... put a little can under it 

engine down. and valve cover off 

looking good

no adjustment needed , front nor rear ... will be next big service 

oil plug out 

and fresh plug in , check the gap please!! 

coil back on, check the connector it locks , other wise safety zip tie over it , as they can come loose

engine up again , all bolts in , and start tightening left side

front brackets to the frame 

and tq to 50 nm for the big bolts , fiirst the left side

than the right side 

and tighen the slide bushing 

left pod back on 

and wires back on place zip tite to the brace , put the horn ground wire to the outside, so if it rubs to the frame it douse not short out the fuse 

shame the spring adjusters are chewed up 

will clean the legs up before i slide theme in, to save the front seals 

and index the rebound markings full closed 

with the legs back in the make a nice work holder to replace the brake pads 

push the new pads in place against the spring tension when you push the pins in 

line the caliper up with the slots to a set off spokes so you will not dammage the wheel 

front axle 55 nm 

and brake fluid change 

little care off the pivots and sliding flats can make so much difference in feel 

clutch fluid.. become dirty over time , clean it out 

mnnn some one left the brass pivot out when they changed the levers... i aske the customer if he still had the old ones... as this is not going to last long

airbox base plate back on , map sensor with the hole down in its holder 

after fastening the airbox base, check the throttle for binding 

exhaust back on. i mount this a little higher now 

reset the service counter 

and oil check after running warm - leaving it for 2 minutes 

ready for test ride :-) 

customer brought the brass insert with hime when he picked up the bike 

you see al ready the burr it made, hole needed a little cleaning before i could even mount it 

that is better, feels great now , and will last much longer