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10-4-2015 Xb hot seat, XB problem shooting

11-4-2015 - XB hot seat, remus exhaust clamp arrived to mount it correctly.


Xb hot seat, slip the exhaust on, an tighten the strap and wiggle so the exhaust rest flat to the bracket, than first fasten the rear straps.


Xb hot seat, tapt the header a few time so the tension is out the pipes , and thighen the clamp.


Xb hot seat, now loosen some tension on the strap, to much it will break.


Xb hot seat, chin spoiler back on, you see the low point... with a Scg little ground clearance.


XB12 Problem shooting, very diffiult, and time consuming, especialy when allot off people had looked at this problem, and done repairs.


XB12 08 Problem shooting, as there seams to be a heat differance between the front and rear cylinder, afv reading of 85 , check the injectors for flow.


XB12 Problem shooting, idle controller off.


XB12 Problem shooting, hard to reach screws, remove to lift the injector rail.


XB12 Problem shooting, screws out, and pull of the injector rail.


XB12 Problem shooting, little cleaning before i pull out the injectors,


XB12 Problem shooting, testing before cleaning, little differance , the front injector gives a little more fuel , after cleaning the differance was a little smaller, but would not cause the very heavy stutter , under accereration.


XB12 Problem shooting, injectors cleaned and ready to go back in.


XB12 Problem shooting,push the idle controller in, it will set it self correctly.


XB12 Problem shooting, measuring wires intake air sensor and terminals on cracks.. all good.


XB12 Problem shooting,fuel pressure is perfect.


XB12 Problem shooting, intake leak test.. did react heavy so engine rotation to replace the seals ( have been done already ) but tested to be leakings.


XB12 Problem shooting, what i don't understand as the intake seals are replaced allready more than ones ? why not fix the leaking rocker cover gaskets to ... easy whit the engine rotated , and the fan is already running slowly.


XB12 Problem shooting, new rocker cover gasket in.


XB12 Problem shooting, and new intake seals , engine back up.


XB12 Problem shooting, throttle cables back on , test ride, i could only test this so much , no plates , no insurance ... but problem was still there, and felt really like tps sensor problem.. but needed to order this one.


XB checking front suspention, it felt a little weird , as the forks where changed for S ones, the spring is a little to light .


XB checking front suspention, and the lenght is a little to short, i raised the front to the max, so it is a little better lenght wise , and the dampening feels a little better now.