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13-9-2018 1125CR Big Service

22-3-2019 - What did we do today 13-9-2018: Buell 1125CR big check up , valve lash and spark plugs and charging fix

on with 1125 pod covers off 

ignition gasket on 

little bead of sealer on the rubber gater 

hold the neutral switch wire out the way 

and start mounting the bolts .. place the ones with crush ring back on the designated place —

remove the old silicone used from the bolts 

ignition timing sensor in and leave the stator cable for now as we going to drop the engine 

side pod loose 

and leave it hanging 

exhaust loose 

and remove

right side pod loose 

just checking.. never been done on this bike i think

some crud , as everything runs in the same oil , normal to find a little 

pulling out the strainer and cleaning it 

strainer back inn and cove back on

on with the service.. rear wheel check.. pich bolt loose size 10 mm —

rear caliper loose using the big holes in the disk ( made for this ) 

belt is ok 

rear bearings nog... feeling crunshy 

new bearings in

and setting axle to tq counter clock wise 

bike turned around and airbox cover of 

always take care pulling of the lower these bikes are dirt suckers and allot is left lying loose in the airbox 

so intake some protection against the dirt , and pull the airbox of 

to have better acces to the rear valve cover remove the solinoid with bracket and al

smart to take the power off 

and moving in from the front. caliper and wheel out

front bearings are ok 

caliper on holding position 

fork legs out 

center engine bolt loose and out 

disconnect the rear O2 sensor 

and take the front brace bolts out 

intake duct out 

and loosen the cables left brace , cut the zipties and pull the tabs on the horn 

loosen the clutch master to give the line more lenght , put some protection over it

ignition cover remove the plug

to get to the crank drive ( 16 mm hex ) 

a little light so i can see what i'm doing 

giving the rear O2 sensor wire more room 

if more needed , cut the loom open.. normaly it will do 

stick coil out

and cover of .. use a napkin under the head.. for oil spill in the header

spark plug out 

not bad. but still customer will notice there are new ones in :-)

valve lash is still with in specs.. will need adjustment in the next big service , cams look very good —

checking the cap on these to 

plug in and stick coil in .. make sure the coil connector locks .. other wise secure it with a small ziptie , to morrow finish