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12-2-2016, 1125 engine blow up strip down engine

13-2-2016 - What did we do today 12-2-2016, 1125 engine blow up strip down to see what has happend

we already had a little strip down, time to take the old engine out and try to find out what happend

engine supported and rear wheel out, remove the brake line as we going to take the swing arm off

the other brake line clip

schock bolt loose

and pinch bolt loose for the swing arm axle

and swing arm pivot loose ( same size as the wheel hex 7/8 or 22 mm )

taking off the radiators

K-brackets loose

sidestand off

support the bike in a hoist so the frame will be suspended

and with a flat jacks lower the engine completly

loose the cable harness from the engine

mnnn bad ground....

looks empty like this

to learn what when wrong and to salvage some parts we decided to strip the old broken engine

front is strange, intake valves open and i can see the top off the piston

so valve cover off

pieces missing here, looks like about aa the valve fingers ar broken , the intake cams have wear marks

exhaust cams have also wear marks

as this is a rip and strip i don't really bother doing this the official way , cam chain off by pulling off the gear

mnnn had not even seen this, looks like some horses wanted to get out ( cylinder is cracked )

the cam fingers look strangly worn..

dropped 1 valve

valve still moves a little, but the keys are nowhere to be found

removing the thermostat hoses

and removing the head bolts

aaah ok there is the piston... the bottom half broke and the cylinder wall is completly destoid

should still be some wall left

one side off the piston still has the piston pin hole the other half is broken off

looksie inside , rear one is also FUBAR

the broken half off the piston had contact to the valves and cylinder head, but not really hard or long before the bottom broke out

rear valve train douse not look any better

wear marks on teh cams

and some pitting started

looking at the left overs off the cam finger i start to gasp what had happened , thers is a strange hollow worn in

and that hollow is not from the valve lift

gently moving it around, to see where the hollow starts to tought the cam

in the base circle it matches the wear pattern fully... , i pritty know for sure the valve play as been way to tight for a long time , big maintence has been delayed way to long ( 55000 km on the bike )

so the rear , see what we find there

oil line off

head bolt is bend .mnnnn

to take off the heads don't forget the litte bolts inside the chain gallery

mnnn comes apart like a puzzle

i think this is where it started, heavy valve to piston contact

piston is still there

but broke in half

and also a piece off the piston pin hole broke out

the other half the eye is still ok

the broken off rod end hase been punching holes in the gearbox , what caused the transmisison to block completely

will split the cases , clutch pressure plate off

hub nut is still inplace

with the side cover / waterpomp half off i can undo the loosen the hub nut

no need to block it as the crank is blocked anywat wink-emoticon

the ducatie clutch noise running idle , was a planned repair for this bike , transmission damper has to much play , picture one side

and to the other side

crank nut off to get the timing gear and counter balance shafts out

you need to loosen the oil screens to get the gears off

and pull the chain slider pivot out to remove the chain guard

shifter rod out , runs from right to left trought the engine

c-clip off the oil pomp to remove the nylon oil pump gear

oil pomp cover off the axle is in place with some precision pins that actuate the oil pomp rotors

some wear marking on the oil pomp rotor

speed sensor pick up trigger off

case oil sif looks like expected full with debris

ignition cover off , looks like the stator to rotor clearance was also opset as the stator is been rubbing on the rotor

sprag clutch and gear are still good

case is been bend, looking at the bolts

crank timing gear, also have a oil screen what needs to come off first to take the gear off

timing gear ignition side

and the starter motor drive

neutral sensor

and the front pulley off

front pulley has a little play in it on the rubber crush drive , but that is easy to fix

nice look at the devestation

metal parts every where , broken gears

shifter drum is dammage

even a shifter arm is broken

gears chipped

and even broken i half

crank... nice paperweight

all nooks an holes are filled with debris in the case

so what happend.. valve fingers show wear indication the valve play was way to tight / non existing anymore, rear piston made valve contact , destroiyed the piston and cylinder wall , debris traveled around hit the front piston to the crank bending bending the piston side ways ( rod end snapped ) and continued to poke around untill the gearbox blocked and total failure ... check your valves free play on time !!!