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19-5-2016 Uly time, service and front fork seal

14-6-2016 - 19-5-2016 Uly time, service and front fork seal

Buell Xb12Xt in for a service check up and leaking front seal , heating up for oil change

drain while hot

krickaty krackaty side stand , some lube douse wonders

old oil filter off

belt check , as expected ok , replaced this last year

wheel bearings good to go

but the belt idler bearings begin to run dry , you can hear it when you spin theme by hand

for the uly models to get the idler pulley off the footpeg rest needs to come off

and remove the pivot bolt

trick with 2 flat head screw drivers to remove the spring clip

and press out the old bearings

new bearings in , the spring clip you can put in by hand , spacers back in and back on the bike

little axle cleaning and you can turn the axle by hand to tighten it

primairy chain tension check. even with small service best to look at it

bike turned around on the lift for the front end service

remove fender and brake caliper

typical band markings on the disk.. disk is convex , douse not take much for it to warp now , this one is still ok while braking, a little less friction service , but no complains yet from the customer

right font leg seal is leaking

wheel bearings ok

replace the seal, top cap needs to come off , some isolation tape will protect the casp nut from damaging

check the settings before you loosen the top cap assembly

17mm and 14 mm spanner needed

oil , preload spacer and spring out , dust seal removed, to remove the clip that holds the oil seal

using the lower as a slide hammer tap the seal assembly out

and it comes out complete with the 2 guide bushings

dry cracks on the dust seal, best to replace these to

check the lowers for scratching , if found try to clean theme up with some scotchbrite fine , in a crosspattern

protect the new seals with some isolation tape over the sharp ridges on the fork top , and put the seals on

inspect the guide bushings on wear

lower leg back in the outer tube, and hammer the oil seal in preferbly with a seal tool

most buell ride the legs as high as they go, but note this before you take theme out , so they go back in the same height

wheel back in caliper back on

and push the bike in a few time before you tighten the pinch bolts

ready for test ride