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7-3-2015 Spring is in the air, bussy in the shop.

10-3-2015 - X1, M2, boxing up XB engine , XR1200 custom paint.

X1, came in for a fuel mapping. finaly she runs sweet .


very Nice Buell M2 for a tyre change.


Buell M2, loosening the rear axle nut.


Buell M2 , some one put allot off attention in building this bike, nice make spacers.


Buell M2 , right one different that the left one, little details , but nice.


Buell M2 , fresh rubber on.


removing the XB9 engine, unlucky, the old oil line nipples are weak... as demontrated with out much force i broke it on the oil pump connection , will fix this with the rebuild.


removing the XB9 engine, engine down to remove the headers.


removing the XB9 engine , with the headers off, the last oil line to the cooler and V-brace off .


removing the XB9 engine, loosening the swingarm pivot.


XR1200 Custom pain job... Coffee break and watching bikes , customer had the cover custome painted... very nice work .


XR1200 Custom pain job.


XR1200 Custom pain job, and with the supention modifications we made she handles like a dream.


removing the XB9 engine, ok time to get going... protecting the frame.


removing the XB9 engine, and after loosening the last bolts ( front engine mount is best to be removed so you have more room ) dropping the engine ( rear off the bike supported with hoist )


removing the XB9 engine , connecting the swingarm temporary to the frame so we can park the bike.


removing the XB9 engine, stripping off the outer parts.


removing the XB9 engine , rear engine mount works best to use a cut off allen key.


removing the XB9 engine , intake manifold off.. gaskets are bad.


removing the XB9 engine , tipical "bite"marks rubber is getting old and hard.


removing the XB9 engine , ready to be crated and send off to the machine shop to be inspected and gearbox main shaft bearing replaced.