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14-9-2018 1125 service XR1200 TH

22-3-2019 - What did we do today: 14-9-2018 Buell 1125 service finish, XR1200 Torque Hammer exhaust Buell Xb indicators

rear plug looks cleaner thean the front 

slow progres on 1 leg. hopping around. but we are getting there.. rear plugs replaced and valve lash checked.. ok untill next service 

cover plug back in the ignition cover 

with the engine rotated down.. easier to route the cables up 

pulling wire inside and feeding up

engine rotated up .. engine bolt in , not tight yet 

front brace bolts is

and fixed frame side.. these bolts tighten first 

and work your way around the engine 

foot peg bracket rear back on 

rear O2 sensor wire pulled carefully out again 

but first .. the Sportzilla..XR1200 special... needs a new exhaust

stainless hard ware used —

next time put a little lube on theme.. stainless on stainless is notorieus for seazing .. needed to break the bolt 

front pipe bracket loose 

and fron o2 sensor out 

a little jiggle was needed to free the pipes.. the front retaining ring is due for replacement , as i could pull the pipe out with the flange on

lower bracket removed 

little cleaning on the cam cover behind the 2 very thick pipes

stock conical gaskets.. the TQ hammer , and many other exhaust work better with flat exhaust gaskets . if your not shure what gaskets to use .. ask ! 

retaining rings.. bend to convex .. new ones will work better 

flat gaskets in

pipe and new retaining ring 

1 down..

2 down 

mid bracket on

and collector pipe on wiggle to make tension free 

exhaust bracket on the muffler 

pipe and springs on.. tap with rubber hammer on the pipe connections.. to make tension free and line out perfect .. with out tension.. as this is a weak point ( engine moves and muffler is not moving fix to frame ) 

front O2 back in 

now a little cleaning before startup , so my greasy finger prints do not burn in to the pipes 

update the engine sw 

and let here make some noise

she is running sweet.. and still looking good with 60000 km done now... :-) 

last job to finish indicators mounting 

make it nice with some heat shrink tube 

and front ones on as well .. she is looking sharp again 

1125... engine up and the pods can be mounted back on 

left side in place —

air intake scoop in place and cables ziptied and take care off 

forks , cleaned and fresh oil 

bought legs in 

front wheel back in 

and tighten the caliper bolts . use loctite on these bolts 

exhaust back on 

looking nice...

hd wire harnes patch.. mod.. please if you have mounted a burned stator kit... remove this.. as this wire harnes makes the bike charge very bad below 5000 rpm

ut... perfect for spare thick wire ;-) 

making noise... she is running 

and charging :-) 

so last things back on . airbox base and cover 

reset the service counter —

and she is ready for pick up