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3-9-2016 XB12R lowering, M2 bigbore rebuild

21-9-2016 - 3-9-2016 Buell XB12R lowering, Buell M2 bigbore rebuild

very nice XB12R needed some lowering

first the rear, seat off

as we need to remove the rear shock the tail had to come off aswell

wiggling the canister throught the frame

knowing where we are at now

bike supported

with the bike supported, the shock can be loosend

and the shock can be pulled out top side

in the shock press so i can remove the spring retainers

the new lowering ring , the slot needs to be positioned like this so you can still adjust the rebound

and out the press ring on, bump rubber slided back

2 cm drop nice :-)

tail section back on , the carbon is not as flexible as the OEM plastics and needs a little help to fit nice with the undertray

rear is done

now the front...

front wheel out

and noting the height off the forks now

little protection in the top caps

and the top caps off so we can shorten the preload tubes

tubes cut and debured

mount the bottom nylon ring on the cut off side, so you still have the tool hole in the tube on top

forks to getter and mounting back

wheel back to TQ

after pressing in the suspention a few times, tighen the axle pinch bolts

and a drop in front off 2 cm , and room to give it a little more

M2 belt tensioning

and tq the rear axle

primairy chain tension check

and exhaust back on

the pressure canister for the technoflex ( wilbers ) mounted on the frame tube

and rear fender in place

battery and catch can back... almost ready to start here up :-)