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5-12-2014 1125 battery drain,Xb clutch problem.

6-12-2014 - Buell 1125R 2008 , could not keep a battery charge for more than a week. Buell Xb12X, customer called strange feeling in the clutch....

1125 R 2008 , could not keep a battery charge for more than a week, we already had sourced the problem to the speedo witch was a old software flash.


1125R battery drain, after waiting some time on the new speedo , it arrived , with the latest version SW 6.2 added bonus the customer will also have a gear indicator now .


1125R battery drain, initiation off the new speedo , takes 30 minutes with contact on, so i unplugged the head lights and put a charger on the bike.


1125R battery drain, while the speedo is initiating, i mount everything back.


1125R battery drain, fairing back on.


1125R battery drain, after the countdown counter stopped the km setting is set ( from the memory off the ecm )


1125R battery drain, mirrors back on the fairing, routing the wires so they are not crushed by the mirror base plates.


1125R battery drain, not he last problem.. as this bike did not see some one who has some experience with buell's  brake line routing recall is never been performed on this bike.


1125R battery drain, front brakeline bracket off.


1125R battery drain, loosening the front master, it has been upgraded with a nice Brembo radial pump


1125R battery drain, and carefully route the master with line through the fairing.


1125R battery drain, and you can see why this has been a recall, with the brake line inside the front legs, it will rub on the front tyre.


1125R battery drain, i still had a upgrade bracket lying around from a custom project.


1125R battery drain, and some rubbing tape added to the front leg , and master back on


Buell Xb12X, customer called strange feeling in the clutch, lots off play on the lever, and clutch will not dis engage.


Buell Xb12X, , can be 2 things.. and the clutch cable still looks good.


Buell Xb12X, the other thing... broken primary cover  the edge holding the the clutch mechanism has broken.


Buell Xb12X, i could retrieve the broken parts , as it was spinning freely in the hub.


Buell Xb12X, , so oil drain.


Buell Xb12X, shifter mechanism off , primary chain tension off.


Buell Xb12X, and loosening the clutch cable.


Buell Xb12X, removing the clutch cable as strait as possible will keep it in better condition, ( the metal adapter into the cover can spin on the rubber seal off the outer cable and will cause it to leak oil.


Buell Xb12X, o joy ... this is the customers lucky day  clutch cable broke unscrewing it.


Buell Xb12X, no other solution to cut the cable and take it off.


Buell Xb12X, removing the cover bolts.


Buell Xb12X, new and shiny cover 


Buell Xb12X, it needs a new shifter seal, the inner bearing bushing is already mounted


Buell Xb12X, new clutch cable lube the outer adjuster with with never seas


Buell Xb12X, new cover on, oil back in, clutch mechanism adjusted.


Buell Xb12X, set the primary chain tension.


Buell Xb12X, and adjust the clutch outer cable , good to go.