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3-4-2015 BuellXb repairs.

4-4-2015 - Xb service, as the bike has been " trouble free" for a while... en been well maintained by the dealer.

i wonder sometimes... after i changed the fork seals and wheel bearings, the steering head bearings are next to replace.. will start with the wood screws for the flyscreen.


XB service, head light off.


Xb9Sx service, speedo out, and electrics disconnected , remove the steering lock with a security bit , and the 2 head light side panels come off.


Xb9Sx service, handle bar off ( took it off with the brake caliper and all )


Xb9Sx service, pinch bolt loosened and stem nut loos , leave the nut on 3 turns to protect the threads and tap with plastic hammer to tap out the steering stem ( make sure the bike is supported good , exhaust removed and flat jeck under the engine )


Xb9Sx service, a few taps and you can take the top plate off , use the nut again to tap the stem further down ( and hold it from falling out )


Xb service, yes they rust.


Xb service, as do the bearings , tap these out with a long driver.


Xb service, there are notches in the frame for the driver so you can tap these on the outer race , use a heavy hammer to have some mass , better controlled than trying to hit hard with a light hammer.


Xb service, pressing in the new ones, home made tooling , not a fan off tapping in bearings.


Xb service, the sticking out part off the bearing needs to be out on bought sides so the triple t plates don't tough the frame.


Xb service, steering stem cleaned and lubed up in the neverseas, tighen the stem nut to seat every thing, and loosen again , this helps the braking knock in the steering head later on.


Xb service, line up the plates and the forks should easely slide in, thighen the top plate clamp nuts first.


Xb service, now tighten the stem nut to specs 55NM , and tighten the pich bolt , now tighten the lower plate clamps on the front forks.


Xb service, putting all the stuff back in.


Xb service, ok... disk has little to no scaring, and is still staight, will give it a try with new pads, as the bill on this bike is adding up a little to fast.


Xb service, new pads in , looks better.


Xb service, adjusted the cltuch cable and ziptied the booth just above the burn mark from the header ( reason so many watter in the gearbox oil )


Xb service.... honist mistake, Buell race filter taken for a K&n filter and added filter oil to the suppost to be dry filter... will give it back to the customer in the box.


Xb service, i will mount a K&n filter, and i think it will run much better now.


Xb service... translucent covers are very nice, but very brittle , and this is hard to non to repair.


Xb service, at the front i can use a big stainless washer to secure it some what for the customer who didn't want to replace it for new one.


Xb service, last things brake fluid change..


Xb service, ok almost last things... oil pressure switch gave out.


Xb service, i like this light to work, i know if it burns while riding , your probelby to late , but at least you know it ... test ride.


Uly 08 service, she is running rough, detected leaking intake seals, will let here cool down before i star that job.


Uly 08 service, customer told me the wheels are powder coated , and bearings tapped in, will check these , and their in to tight , will press theme in again using the correct pressing dies , the bearings wil life longer.


Uly 08 service, belt shows some consideral ware. will be prio before his holidy trip to change this one.