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13-9-2014 XB stator, brake pad, Belt and more.

7-3-2015 - Buell XB12R, Not charging, customer had measured the stator shorted to ground. Buell XB brake pads, new record in 5 minutes... easy. Buell Xb12X, Pulley and tyre, daily driver ( allot ) in first 2 gears pulling hard. Buell X1/XB Meet and greet.

XB12R, Not charging, customer had measured the stator shorted to ground, so stator is main suspect.


XB12R, Not charging, pulley cover off to get to the stator plug.


XB12R, Not charging, pull the retaining wedge out with a needle nose pliers.


XB12R, Not charging, push the locks off with a flat screwdriver and pull out the wires.


XB12R, Not charging, drain the gear box oil.


XB12R, Not charging, remove the clutch mechanism.


XB12R, Not charging, clutch mechanism out.


XB12R, Not charging, shift lever bolt out.


XB12R, Not charging, shift pedal bolt out, and take it off.


XB12R, Not charging, loosen the chain tensioner and release the tension.


XB12R, Not charging, and unscrew the cover bolts.


XB12R, Not charging, pull of the cover and check for the 2 dowels, if they come out or left in the cover.


XB12R, Not charging, take out the pulling plate.


XB12R, Not charging, we use some power tools to get the nuts off, clutch LH and crank RH threads.


XB12R, Not charging, pull off the clutch basket, chain and front sprocket , the magnets on the front sprocket can take some force.


XB12R, Not charging, the fried stator ( if fried like this you will also smell it ).


XB12R, Not charging, remove the wire plate.


XB12R, Not charging, and pry out the wire plug.


XB12R, Not charging, remove the 4 screws holding the stator and take it off .


XB12R, Not charging, new stator ,


XB12R, Not charging,now please do this.. we have been in contact with HD about this, as we did see the new wire bridge rivet come out because the sprocket nuts where toughing the rivet , and knocking it out destroying the stator.


XB12R, Not charging, just a light tap with a little punch and the rivet is out.


XB12R, Not charging,, and take the bridge off, the wires will be fine.


XB12R, Not charging,little dob off silicone on the holding place off the wires and on the rubber plug to seal it good.


XB12R, Not charging,and mount back the stator.


XB12R, Not charging,red loctite to hold the nuts.


XB12R, Not charging, washer on the clutch has a direction stamped on it.


XB12R, Not charging,and for you for get , put the pulling plate back in.


XB12R, Not charging,, fresh gasket


XB12R, Not charging,and cover back on, push with your fingers the chain on to the chain tensioner.


XB12R, Not charging, we have seen these screws come loose under race condition, so a little loctite to hold theme down is smart.


XB12R, Not charging,and tq the screws , starting in the middle working your way out.


XB12R, Not charging,drain plug back in, and fresh gear box oil in


XB12R, Not charging, clutch mechanism back in and adjust , toughing lightly and 1/4 turn back off.


XB12R, Not charging, shifter mechanism back on... use loctite.


XB12R, Not charging, and set the chain tension.


XB12R, Not charging, lube the cable mechainsm and adjust the outer cable.


XB12R, Not charging, a ways look at things... front engine mount is almost done.


XB12R, Not charging, stator leads back on the plug, check the positions.


XB12R, Not charging, and testing... mnnn ok still not charging..


XB12R, Not charging, first check the feed / ground connector from the regulator ( no. 77 connector ) , this one is burned


XB12R, Not charging, as this is a common problem, there is a repair kit for this, with upgraded connectors


XB12R, Not charging, safety first.. remove the battery positive.


XB12R, Not charging, mark the wires from the regulator as bought wires are black... and make the new connection.


XB12R, Not charging, check... steady charging again.


brake pads Xb in 5 minutes... easy.


brake pads Xb, set the bike with the caliper in between the spokes, brake pad pin, and caliper bolts out.


brake pads Xb, twist the caliper a little pushing back the old pads, and slide out the old pads.


brake pads Xb, and new ones in place, first the inside one.. and mount back the pin and caliper bolts.


brake pads Xb, ok this one took a little longer, as the sqweeling sound pulling the brake lever, really needed a little attention and some grease.


Xb12X, Pulley and tyre, daily driver ( allot ) in first 2 gears pulling hard, the belt was slipping over the teeth.


Xb12X, Pulley and tyre, first look, a little worn .


Xb12X, Pulley and tyre,closer look.. yeah you need a new pulley.


Xb12X, Pulley and tyre,rear wheel out and removing the rear pulley.


Xb12X, Pulley and tyre,, and brand spanking new one on.


Xb12X, Pulley and tyre,front pulley has also seen better days , still not really bad, but i have a nice used one for him.


Xb12X, Pulley and tyre,front pulley off.


Xb12X, Pulley and tyre,and nice used one on , loctite on the lock plate screws.


Xb12X, Pulley and tyre, also out a new belt on, as this is his "spare " belt in case off braking.


Xb12X, Pulley and tyre,swing arm brigde out to put the new belt on.


Xb12X, Pulley and tyre,, everything back on and fresh rear tyre , and he is good to go for.


X1 Meet and greet, new owner wanted to show his bike, and ask me some things, nice X1.


X1 Meet and greet, with 62000 km the bike looks nice, and she has aged gracefully.


Buell Xb12S, meet and greet... instable on high speed... ok can be easy , checking suspension settings, as a quick look at the front fork preload was set about 50 kg heavier than the owner , i suspected suspension settings... set the bike to weight. did the trick