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4-9-2015, XB front end, 1125 TQ Hammer, Ully

8-9-2015 - What did we do today 4-9-2015, XB service front end, 1125 TQ Hammer, Uly checkup

a other 1125 burned rotor send for modification, i will remove the sprag clutch for you, it is easier to mount if you put this on loose , so i don't mount it back

XB service front end, last thing on a big service 

XB service front end, front end check and new tyre

XB service front end, i noticed the front end was not feeling really nice, tried the rebound adjustment.. but i could only turn this 1,5 turn, i think the leg is put back wrong

XB service front end, opened up the fork. and set the max to level flat and points marking

XB service front end, now screw back on the top cap with rebound needle untill it bottoms, than thighten the loc nut... 4 turns off full adjustment , will work much better

XB service front end, legs back in 

XB service front end, fresh tyre , new bearings, new disk and suspention working... will ride very nice again

XB service front end, tq the axle

XB service front end, little loctite on the cliper bolts

XB service front end, and front fender on , usoing a light grade loctite, just to stick and protect from corrosion 

XB service front end, load the front suspention a few times to set the legs and axle , and tighten the pinch bolts

XB service front end, making the front end nice... will set the rear suspention to , a little more preload and adjust dampening so it feels good,

XB service front end, when you test the rear suspention by pushing down the bike, you can feel the tail section is loose... little loctite on the bolts and retighten .... test ride smile-emoticon easy on in the rain on new brakes and new tyre

1125 TH2, could do witha upgrade wink-emoticon better sound and more power

1125 TH2, so off with the old , right exhaust screw out

1125 TH2and left one , rotate the idler pully so the hole is free

1125 TH2, and front clamps loose , the front bracket was already broken off some time ago :-X

1125 TH2, new TH2 header pipe on

1125 TH2, Xmas allready unpacking the carbon mufler

1125 TH2, heavy duty clamp on the mufler i like it on top so it is not to much visible 

1125 TH2, protective foil off the strap

1125 TH2, and put the rubber band on

1125 TH2, pre assemble the hanger / spacer don't tighten this yet 

1125 TH2, mufler on the pipe and line the strap and brackets

1125 TH2, look for a position nice and tucked in , you can adjust it in a wide range

1125 TH2, happy with the position tighen the brackets and the strap

1125 TH2, lyning up the front hanger to the header

1125 TH2, and tighten it

1125 TH2, check position off the mufler, and tighen the mufler clamp

1125 TH2, a little tapping on the headers as these are very flexible and you don't want to much tension on these , a litle tapping will free the tension in the sleeves

1125 TH2, and tighen the front clamps

1125 TH2, Db killer out , 3 mm allen , or the long ball allen key in your tool kit to adjust the rear suspension compression 

1125 TH2, there in tight.. with a rond bar you can wiggle it ou

1125 TH2, DB insert

1125 TH2, and don't worry if you drop the grub screw in the pipe wink-emoticon it's magnetic ... upodated the fuel map and ready to go

Uly check up, got the ok to change the belt , so on with it

Uly check up, footplate screws out 

Uly check up, and route the new belt on , put back the swing arm brace first before you tighten the axle

Uly check up, axle tightened, don't forget the pinch bolt

Uly check up, covers back on

Uly check up, brake fluid ... nasty

Uly check up, a little cleaning and refeshing.. looks much better

Uly check up... front fluid... omg looks even wors

Uly check up, better like this

Uly check up, front end check

Uly check up, axle out

Uly check up, mnn this bearing feels ok

Uly check up, but the other side is almost done, you could already hear it when you spin the wheel 

Uly check up, new bearing pressed in... copperslip on caliper bolt... personaly don't like it, have seen these come out to much

Uly check up, so cleaning up the bolts and the holes... little loctite and caliper back on

Uly check up, caliper tighten to 50 NM

Uly check up, and front wheel to 55 NM

Uly check up, and tighten the axle bolts after setting the front legs by pushing down the suspension a few times

Uly check up, checking the grounds on a Uly , best to pull out the fuse box

Uly check up, to find the main gronds next to it