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20-6-2018. XB12X service. 1125R with noice

1-2-2019 - 20-6-2018. Buell XB12X Uly in need of some tlc. Buell 1125R with a noise, very Nice Buell X1 for oil change, check up and oil pump gear change

uly from Belgium.. in for some big repairs

she has some experiance 

but she is starting to blow a little trough the piston rings ( worn piston rings )

she has some troubles with headlight bulbs.. mnn starting Vr seams good 

light popped out again

eeehhh ok .. that is way to much.. the Voltage regulator is giving to much 

draining the fuilds .. little to no debris on the engine oil... good 

but some missing bolts ? 

and a half broken chin spoiler 

the W-brace needs to be coated, as it looks bad and corroded , so oil cooler bolts loose 

clutch cable is starting to sweat .

regulator wires loose 

eehh i will replace this bolt to 

rattel test on the shift lever.. it did rattle bolt not loose. but worn thin 

clutch cable loose // i will replace this one

very nice 1125R brought in for diagnose off engine noise ( see clip ) need to talk to the customer about it —

very clean and nice X1... she looks like new 

taking of the chin spoiler to drain the oil 

pully cover loose 

checking the battery.. CCA is low for this big battery..

draining oil the slow way 

exhaust of to drain the gearbox oil 

take the spark plugs out while the bike is draining 

clutch cover seal ring.. these get hard after some time .. some times better to put a new one in —

belt tensioners loose

inspection cover loose to check the primairy chain

strapping the bike in the hoist.. as we need to take the shock of 

weight of the bike and loosening the 2 bolts 

and move teh shock to the side 

we need to inspect the oil pump gear 

take 2 spanners to loosen the pressure oil line 

and unscrew the 2 bolts 

to take the oil pump out 

now with a mirror and light you can inspect the oil pump gear.. have the reas wheel lifted, bike in 5e gear so you can bump the engine around.. as you need to checl the gear on all places , this one has wear marks.. advice to change, but need to call the customer

first replace the rear tyre

fresh new tyres..

oil pump can go back in, with new gasket 

talked to the customer.. replace the oil pump gear... ok.. so header of 

as we need to take of the gear cover 

removing the fuel tank with covers 

to get to the rocker boxes.. as we need to take the valve spring pressure of 

lower box screws out

mnn very good.. front one was still the 2 piece paper gasket.. and this would have been starting to leak anytime 

timing cover of 

and steel plate loose 

marking the ignition pickup , for easy mounting 

and timing cam can be taken out 

cover screws loose 

and cover of 

lock tool inplace to remove the nut 

and pulling of the oil pump gear 

yep glad i ded it.. noticeble wear visible , would not have failed the next 1000 km.. but not a good feeling

new oil pump gear in.. and assembly lube on

check the pinion gear the edge for the lock key are good and nice

red loctite for the nut 

30 nm + 19 deg

cams back in follow the dots 

ome assembly lube on the bushings 

and cover on

trigger wheel in and sensor on 

header can be mounted 

and rocker box back on 

new umbrella plugs mounted ( head / case breather system

whipe the dirty fingerprints.. you do automaticly on a very clean bike

the difficult screw in the front 

and top cover back on 

fuel cel hose connection 

and shock mounting 

pully cover

wheel to tq and belt tightened

new spark plugs in 

removing the oil filter.. to help allot off spill put the oil filter box back on.. to guide the oil comming out

new filter on

motor spoiler.. put some loctite on these 

anty rattle o-rings on the spacer bushings 

testing if it douse not rattle anymore 

nice bike

testing.. for oil and pump gear.. running smooth

bike turned around for front end check

nut loose .. sheees looks like new 

front fender loose 

loosen the disk bolts 

that way you can take off the caliper with pads in 

front wheel out 

and with fresh tyre back in