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7-10-2015 XB12XT, 1125R service, ULY repairs

8-10-2015 - What did we do today 7-10-2015 XB12XT no compresion, 1125R service , starting issue, ULY repairs

another 1125 shipped in for oiljet modification. the complete kit can be found here:

i will take the sprag clutch off for you no problem.

XB12XT no compresion, after finishing the top side, bumped the engine around with out sparkplugs to check, time to start there up

XB12XT no compresion, ,when the oil pump and case are drained,,, it can take a while before the tappets and rocker arms have oil pressure... a little help to put a little air pressure in the swingarm, so the oil gets everywhere quick and is buidling up pressure


XB12XT no compresion, she makes noise, smokes and gets hot ...sounds like it works

XB12XT no compresion, little check checking header pipe temp on bought cylinders to see if the combustion is relative equal


XB12XT no compresion, ok all good... cover on

XB12XT no compresion, and test ride smile-emoticon she is ready to go back to here owner

X1 get here done... she is runnig very nice after engine rebuild... still some dyno time , with forced cooling, let here get hot through and through... as running on idle the cylinders still will get to hot to soon, so the oil will not even heat up, and i need to check this for leaks before i give here back to the owner

1125R service, with starting problem

1125R service, seen it before.... first thing to check is the wiring contact lock... thouging it will make the ingition go on and off... will take it off a wire will be broking inside

1125R service, freeing the cable connector

1125R service, with a security bit you can remove the screws holding the ignition switch

1125R service, it is hard to remove it like this

1125R service, but when you pull off the plastic cap , it has enough room to remove it

1125R service, taking it out broke the last strain on the wire i think

1125R service, protective cap off

1125R service, problem.. the R ignition switches are no longer availeble... only the CR/ S switches... but these wires are much shorter.. as there is enough lenght on these wires, i will shorten this 4 cm and resolder the cable connection

1125R service, new end off the wire soldered on

1125R service, put a new pulling relieve ( ziptie will do ) on the cable and slide outer cover back on

1125R service, so starting and heat here uo for oil change... looking at a error code ? aaah i see road side assitance thought the side stand was the problem... and pulled off the connector... easy fix

1125R service, after heating up... left side plug out and oil filter out

1125R service, adn right side plug out

1125R service, new oil filter back on , and drain plugs back in

1125R service, stange ware marks on the pully ?

1125R service, inside disk is also scorn

1125R service, wtf... pinch bolt as tight, but axle was loose, the tyre service ( not long agoo changed ) did not put the axle all the way in , giving the wheel about 10 mm side play only hold in place by the brake pads , the wheel bearring disk side was also 5 mm out allready

1125R service, pads will be replaced

1125R service, belts is a definate advice to change , cracks all over the inside belt is here:

1125R service, yep big advice to replace this one belt is here

1125R service, just a snap shot off the axle markings to see the 10 mm that the axle needed to go in deeper :-X

Uly repairs 1, foot peg and indicators don't work

Uly repairs 1, mnn we have feed on the relais , and relais is makeing contact as i also have a feed on the gound... but my light should not work on the gound connection...

Uly repairs 1, yep relais ground behind the head light is broken

Uly repairs 1, so headlight out.. try ones , if the screw off the headlight in the fender will not come loose.. i'm not bothering it... ( this corrodes frequently ) i just take the headlight off with high fender

Uly repairs 1, new eye lig on , and screw on the the steering head ground point

Uly repairs 1, hehe... it alife.. inicators work again

Uly repairs 1... droppey foot peg , half broke off , will replace it

Uly repairs 1, c-clip out and push the pivot our

Uly repairs 1, yeah..need replacing footpeg can be found here

Uly repairs 1, strong thumb , push the spring in, an push the pivot ( hammer can also come in handy to give a a light tap )

Uly repairs 2, Next uly... dammage other side

Uly repairs 2, outch

Uly repairs 2, shifter screws are gone

Uly repairs 2 ,commonly the spacer bushing from the shoft lever gets driven into the bracket / cover, putting it back like this will make the shifter jam

Uly repairs 2, filed the mating surface flat amd with new bushings and bolt the shift lever can be bolted on

Uly repairs 2, mnnn footpeg bracket... also bend bolts...

Uly repairs 2, will also put new screws in there

Uly repairs 2, and foot peg back on footpeg can be found here

Uly repairs 2, removing the ahndle switches to replace the handle bar handle bar can be found here

Uly repairs 2, and brake master off

Uly repairs 2, cut the glued left grip off and needed to file down the burr on the handle bar end.. to get the clutch lever bracket off handle bar can be found here

Uly repairs 2 , was bend heavy... but with a pice off pipe bended to summision , so could drive home handle bar can be found here

Uly repairs 2, new bar on handle bar can be found here

Uly repairs 2, levers and switches back on

Uly repairs 2, adjusting the throttle cables

Uly repairs 2, and new grip glued in place. grip found here