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17-6-2015 XB front fork detail, 1125 engine noise

18-6-2015 - Buell XB front fork assembling, Buell 1125 the search for engine noise

XB Front fork custom paint and annodizing ready to be assembled, custom bike project

Xb front fork, little oring lube on the o-rings and screw in the compression adjusters 

Xb front fork, hand tight will do

Xb front fork, rebound adjsutmetn needle new o-ring a little o-ron lube and screw them back in the holder

Xb front fork, please the o-rings on the preload adjusters, one on the outside

Xb front fork, and 1 on the inside

Xb front fork, preload pins in the top cap

Xb front fork, and place the smaller off the 4 steel washers inside to protect the aluminium preload adjuster 

Xb front fork, screw the rebound adjuster with holder back in the top cap

Xb front fork, and push end screw in the preload adjuster , put the locking ring on the rebound holder ( blue piece )

Xb front fork,ok top caps ready, trow away the crush washers from the damper tube bolt

Xb front fork, and take some new ones smile-emoticon


Xb front fork, mounting banjo bolt for the damper tube , new crush washer on

Xb front fork, make sure the end cap is on the damper tube

Xb front fork, and put this in the lower leg, hold the rod down with a finger and mount the banjo bolt from below 

Xb front fork, when the end cap for the damper tube is a loose fitting , mount it upside down, so the cap can not fall off 

Xb front fork, same procudure , hold the damper with a finger and screw in the mounting banjo bolt

Xb front fork, little trick to protect new seal , some electro isolation tape over the first part off the silder will protect new seals from damaging

Xb front fork, dust seal on with c-cilp over it so this will not damage the slider 

Xb front fork, ring, oil seals, outside guide bushing and inside guide bushing put on , if the teflon coating is good there ok to re-use

Xb front fork, slide the outer tube over the inner slider

Xb front fork, mounting the oil seal needs to be pressed / hammered in i like to do this in a place on the leg where the oil seal normaly douse not come , in case i scratch some thing

Xb front fork, with a seal tool , easy to silde hammer the seal in possition

Xb front fork, clip in the outer tube

Xb front fork, and with the seal tool easy to press in the c-clip in the slot , and push the dust seal on ,

Xb front fork, now the leg is ready for oil , fill about 500 ml , and bleed the damper by pulling it out and pushing it in so you feel a consistand force the whole stroke up and down

Xb front fork. no check and adjust the oil level, doing this with a suction bottle is easy

Xb front fork, spring ready to go in, check the spring on windings , if you have a progressive winded spring , rulebook says to put this to the top ( so the light bit the spring counts un spring mass )

Xb front fork, preload tube in , check for the nylon bushing , and put the rubber ring in

Xb front fork, with a suspention tool easy work, press in the front spring

Xb front fork, tup nylon bushing and protective washer for the preload adjuster pins , and pull the damper rod up

Xb front fork, i like to set the markings on the rebound, this will be the fully closed referance point

Xb front fork, screw on the top cap untill the rebound needle bottoms, and now turn up the lock nut and tighten

Xb front fork, and pull the outer tube up and screw the cap on

Xb front fork, and pull the outer tube up and screw the cap on

Xb front fork, do this twice , for bought forks , ready to go in the beast

1125 engine noise, go head was given, date plannened... stripping time

1125 engine noise, plastics and covers off 

1125 engine noise, exhaust off, front end ready to come out 

1125 engine noise, clutch master loosened to give the line more room for engine rotation

1125 engine noise, loosen left foot peg bracket so it will not damage the swing arm when the engine rotates

1125 engine noise, pich bolts for the sliding engine mounts loose and remove the bolts right side

1125 engine noise, and left side center mount bolt

1125 engine noise, engine down —

1125 engine noise, vavle cover off, crank lock tool in the crank, spark plug out and came lock tool in place, to loosen the timing chain gear

1125 engine noise, with the gear removed, hold the chain up with a piece off wire , you can npt pull out the front chain guide , looks freaking new..

1125 engine noise, now remove the cam chain tensioner plug

1125 engine noise, with a magnet pull out the hydraulic tensioner 

1125 engine noise, ok so far nothing strange, striping more to take the head off , front header off

1125 engine noise, and cable harness bolts and ground loose