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12-9-2018 making a Ulysses run nice

14-3-2019 - What did we do today: 12-9-2018 making a Buell XB12X run nice again.

we alerady made a diagnoce on this Uly leaking seals and old firmware 

so engine rotation .. exhaust valve really no use .. i will remove it as weight is HP 

airbox cover of and loosen the top engine ty bar 

wire harness guide loose , so no tension on the cables when the engine drops down 

coil removes to get to the throttle cables.. i see a little damage looks ok 

cables and fuel hose loose 

clutch cable adjuster loose to unhook the cable from the handle bar 

left side , side stand and crank pos sensor wires loose and disconencted 

engine supported and mounting bolt loose 

wil clean the corrosion of and lube it 

engine rotated down.. and intake flange bolts loose

while we are here .. spark plug looks like they have been a long way in

meehh some new ones will make it better 

intake manifold off 

old seals in the 08 -up ( XL 07- up ) long flanges , rubber is hard 

some cleaning and ne rubbers on 

the easy way to do plugs.. with the engine down

manifold in place and injector wires on 

engine rotated up and front bolt in 

clutch cable adjuster lubed for longer lasting fun.. so it will not corrode seazed for the next service 

engine in place.. change the belt 

pich bolt loose and rear axle loose 

footpeg side plate needs to come of 

belt is at the end of it's life 

really hard to tell how long 

rear brake pads where about worn out

rear brake pads where about worn out

new one sin

checking wheel bearings.. ok these are toast 

mounted in the wheel could not turn theme over, loose .. tuning you feel the crud in the races.. these are done for

pully is getting worn out.

new belt on and swingarm brace on

tighten the rear axle and the pinch bolt 

connecting the left side connectors 

right side scoop on... hard to fit these 

wires to the throttle bodie and fuel line on 

top engine tyrod 

throttle cables on 

not first the handle bar grip so we can check we can adjust the throttle cable ok 

coil back on 

and intake stack on.. confirm it is on fully

airbox cover on 

taking out the needless cables 

relocating the ecm .. firm ware upgrade and fuel mapping 

ecm on it's new spot

you see where the seat has been pressing down on the ecm connectors

just checking with some fimo the ecm clears the seat now :-) better like this , can give very strange errors and riding badly , this lady is ready to go home