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23-11-2016 1125 Clutch basket ( nut came off ) XB

7-12-2016 - 23-11-2016 Buell 1125 Clutch basket (nut came off) Buell XB cross threaded spark plug

ok from the customer , parts ordered, time to fix this 1125

the gearbox / clutch hub main nut came loose.. broke one of the hub fingers off

getting the spring and volt off

the inner cover seal is also destroid

as is the cover , the screws where toughing

so old plates our

as the bub nut was loose already easy to remove, hub out , behind there is a thick steel spacer ring

the spacer runs in the slot on the outer basket

and the new hub on the mainshaft

i put the plates in so i can hold the cutch hub better the first one in has a notch missing

alternate the plates in, mind the staal plates the rounded side on the edge, outside

swping washer first on the hub

red octite on the threads , and thighen the nut , with all the plates in place , pushing the outer plate will hold the hub enough to tighten it

pressure plate and pull rod , cleaning

pressure plate on and the clutch springs on , adn tighten these evenly

new cover needs a new seal

gasket on

and the inner cover in place using the locating pins

the membrame rings are markt out

membrame on

and outerings and nut , i use a little blue loctite here

tighten the nut, prevent the shaft from turning, by putting a allen key in the shaft

clutch cover with leaking slave cylinder

knocked the old one out , we will mount a Oberon one back on

i mark the notch

so you can see the orientation

pressed in and C-clip mounted

outer over back on

use the new sealing rings that come with the new cylinder

and tighten the pulling nut

we can now cut the ziptie from the lever, this prevented the cylinder reservouir to drain

bleeding the system

and refreshing the oil

if bleeded properly, you should feel clutch motion with the slightes movement off the lever

crash cover back on

and letting the bike run for a long time, to check the oil level

check needed a littel filling

please look at my bike, attemt was mad to replace the sparkplug

but the bike came in like this , the rear plug was cross threaded... i will fix this

frist airbox off

mnnn they losend the engine mouts in the hole you would reach it

threads look bad

but we have a repair kit for this... self centering tap to tap the orginal hole to timesert repair siter

put some thic grease on the tap to catch ... i noticed some more thinds

check ,, threads are in

clean upcrew... take a long stift air piston and stick it in the cylinder to blow all off the debris dat could have fallen in

W-brace half loos ?

front engine mount off , and put some never seas on it

head bolts , 23 NM en will ze heel graag vast zetten

ad tighten the top botls

and the W-brace back on place

drain plug back in , with new o-ring

i see the cable clamp loose we will tighten these

we recommand to use these clamps..

pulling off the coil plug, to see if all is oke.

bought plug wires are pulled to hard we see this on all xbs

Please put them back as in the picture

front plug cable on

little neverseas on the plug

the insert will self close , but for now i give it some red loctite to bound the first time

ans she is running again lets go for a test ride 

next Uly from Poland , in for service