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28-11-2014 XB12X Big service and winter chek.

29-11-2014 - Buell XB12X Big service, and making ready for the winter.

Xb12X, Daily driver ( 10k the last 4 months ) long over due service, and check up, warming up for intake seals check and oil drain.


Xb12X, Daily driver , yep has been a long time a go, it has been spuwing a little oil ove the last 19000 km.


Xb12X, Daily driver , oil out.


Xb12X, Daily driver , filter new.


Xb12X, Daily driver, but small trips , not enough time to heat op the gearbox oil and evaporate the condens.


Xb12X, Daily driver, primairy chain check.


Xb12X, Daily driver , new gearbox oil in.


Xb12X, Daily driver , leaking right fork seal.


Xb12X, Daily driver always is a mess.


Xb12X, Daily driver , rear pads worn out , metal to metal ?


Xb12X, Daily driver, yep metal to metal.


Xb12X, Daily driver , so rear wheel bearing check, belt check and rear brake disk replace ment


Xb12X, Daily driver, and front tyre gone , you can cleary see the multiple compounts work on this tire , as the middle stil has some thread left the sides are worn out.


Xb12X, Daily driver, some suttering issues and error lights ? but no codes or historic codes, usualy while braking.. the seat rail bolts where all loose, as there also making ground, i'm pritty sure this caused the error light.


Xb12X, Daily driver, all 4 screws for the seat rials could be tightened.


Xb12X, Daily driver, cleaning up the front caliper.


Xb12X, Daily driver, and some fresh brake pads.


Xb12X, Daily driver, speedo lights did not work , so speedo out.


Xb12X, Daily driver, after taking apart the speedo you can replace the light bulbs.


Xb12X, Daily driver, we replace theme all.


Xb12X, Daily driver, check plug 77 for condition, this one is good, a little protective spray will keep it nice.