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Uly time , big service, 1125R steering head knock

13-10-2015 - What did we do today 10-10-2015 Uly time , big service, 1125R steering head knock while braking and vibration fix

Uly time, due for a big service with 48000 km on the dail

Uly time, neutral light is not working

Uly time, but first the wet stuff drain while hot

Uly time, fresh oil back in aand adjust the ramp mechanisme , finger tight and a 1/4 turn loose

Uly time, checking the shifter mechnisme if the bolts are still tight and the little lever douse not rattle on the splines

Uly time, rest off the plastics off , scoop off to remove the front plug

Uly time, mnnn will fix this temperary

Uly time, rest off the right side covers off

Uly time, locating the neutral switch wire behind the pully cover

Uly time, mesuring resistance on the neutral switch... yep way to much , will need a new switch

Uly time, pinch bolt for the rear axle was lost ? or not put back in ? a tyre service center just replaced the tyres

Uly time, fresh oil filter on , primed to go

Uly time, rest off the wet stuf in

Uly time, rear wheel up to check the primairy tension, belts and wheel bearings

Uly time, pullys do wear.. check theme every now and than

Uly time, wheel bearings are done

Uly time, and the tyre was replaced really resently... if you let people change your tyres..let theme check your bearings !!!

Uly time, the belt is starting to wear out, as the bike is going to sleep for the winter, we will replace this in spring time

Uly time, will be something high up the list , as this one is not going to last very long

Uly time, belt pulled back , you can check the idler pully on the condition off the bearings

Uly time, so neutral switch... with the belt off and thin wall 5/8 socket you can just grip it

Uly time, check if the crush washers comes out, with 2 crush washers in it will not work

Uly time, new sensor in ... resistance check on switch and cable... perfect

Uly time, regulator plug has been upgraded already so no need to check the plug for burn marks

Uly time, new bearings in

Uly time, cleaned the axle from the old grease , and will lube with fresh grease

Uly time, wheel back in and axle to TQ specs

Uly time, rear caliper back on

Uly time, and new pinch bolt in , with a little blue loctite

Uly time, thin m8 washers make perfect washers to give the chin fairing just a little clamping force on the screws

Uly time, little precaustion fix, stitch with zipties so it will not crack further.. need to decide on a new chin spoiler out off 1 piece as these are much stronger

Uly time, front plug gapped and little neverseas ready to go in

Uly time. moving on to the top side , check battery poles

Uly time, check the clutch wire on loose stands in the handle

Uly time, arifilter base plate off, a little coating off oil is normal ( 20000 km since last checked )

Uly time, check the sparkplug wires for corrosion, if the clips are still on the connectors and rubbing marks

Uly time, little markings on the front one nothing basd yet, will swap theme from fron to to the rear

Uly time, some one aske me last week what tool to use for the rear one... long extention wobble joint and sparkplug socket ( as these have a holder inside so the plug will not fall out )

Uly time, and angle off atack , the lower slot wink-emoticon

Uly time, i'm very confident also screwing back in the plugs with this tool , as you can turn theme with your fingers.. if your not comferteble.. use a piece off 3/8 oil hose for starting the threads... so the risk off cross threading is very minimal

Uly time, i like to see and comfirm what i do, i want to see the connectors click on the plug before i pull the rubber boot down over the plug

Uly time, some spark plug wire pliers are very usefull to put the wire to the coils

Uly time, airfilter base plate cleaned, and slipping the rubber on it

Uly time, i noticed this screw was turning hard... with a thread chaser i clean up the threads

Uly time, and also do this to the screw

Uly time, time to swap sides

Uly time, front wheel out... bearings are not bad.. but very loose , as i know this bike now for 30000 km these have never been replaced.. it's time, as i'm afraid they will not last to the next service

Uly time, forks out for oil change

Uly time, before you take theme apart... clean the lower ends off dirt and brake dust , as it will destroy the seals

Uly time, oil is noticebly used ( in for 20000 km )

Uly time, rinse and flush.. fresh oil in and bleed the damper

Uly time, oil level.. high model uly... my sweet spot just about full with the spring in , makes it a little more progrerssive when braking hard smile-emoticon

Uly time, forks back in , check the wires so you don't pinch these against the handle bar


Uly time, old bearings out... they already start to rattle ( sign off play and grease gone )

Uly time, new bearings in. use flat dies to support the inner and outer race , start with the brake disk side , as this is important to line out the wheel

Uly time, turn the wheel aroung and leave the die in ( hense the o-ring i made in these dies wink-emoticon ) support this and put the spacer is comman the spacer is longer than the bearing races

Uly time, and press the other bearing in, with everything supported when it toughes the spacer your good.. bearings are in with out preload witch can wear out the bearings premature

Uly time, wheel back in and tighten everything up

Uly time, reset the rebound settings

Uly time. load the front suspension a few time to set the forks on the axle

Uly time, and tighten the pinch bolts

Uly time, maintenace i love it , take care off hese screws long time ago( little neverseas ) , now with just finger tight i can remove the screws smile-emoticon

Uly time, fresh oil in the front

Uly time, clean the compensating membrame

Uly time, and to the same for the rear, brake fluid is nasty stuff give it time and it will go though the pores in the rubber ( also a indication how long it has been since the last change )

Uly time, let the smoke out.... heating up the bike , nice neutral light smile-emoticon

Uly time, and check oil level.... test ride smile-emoticon

1125R steering head knock.. the steering head bearings needed re tightening on this very nice 1125r , when you hear a sharp knock the first time you brake, and needs a litle time before you hear it again... retighten the bearings

1125R steering head knock, support the bike so the weight is off the front forks

1125R steering head knock, loosen the lower clamp bolts

1125R steering head knock, in this case remove the steering damper

1125R steering head knock, remove the nut off the steering damper

1125R steering head knock, loosen the steering stem nut, and retighten to 55 NM , and fasten everything back on

1125R steering head knock, customer had also deaf feeling in his hard due to vibrations... ok we can fix that smile-emoticon easy... remove the plastic end caps


1125R steering head knock, and put our vibration dampers in... heavy and very secure ...for mounting mirrors and will even help protecting during a fall