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21-4-2016 XB side stand mishap, 1125 CR check up

4-6-2016 - 21-4-2016 XB side stand mishap, 1125 CR check up and repairs

XB side stand mishap.. yep can happen sometimes , idle on the side stand , the bike starts walking around

but in this case the side stand bolts broke, i think they where loose , bolts not to tension tightened are weak.. now lets hope i can get the broken ends out

first lever off

and i need to remove the exhaust to get to the bolts, front strap a few turns loose and hanger bolt out

clamp off

and the rear straps loose

exhaust off and to the side

view from below, no cranks in the case and one broken end is sticking out a little

i could remove one with a pair off pliers

but the other one needed to dril, center point and start with a pilot hole , moved 1 size up and try , tapped a old torq bit in, luckaly the bolt was loose enough to turn out.. puuw , this can get ugly very quickly , free hand drilling upside down

new bolts 272 loctite :-) these will never come loose again

the side stand switch was also broken... i reprogram the ecm so this one is out, and i can remove it, easy

new shift lever back on

and foot peg... a strong thumb to press in the spring , and a few taps with a plastic hammer ... good to go

1125CR over from across the pond for some check ups and repairs

as i need to rotate the engine for the valve check, all body work needs to come off, the pods are breaking up, will put some 2k expocy on

we need to do the front suspentions to, looks like i will be doing the oil seals aswell

radiators and pods loose

taking off the exhaust.. i'm missing a few things here, bolt but more important the oil cooler lower bracket is gone ?

the brake pads are on there last end , will replace these

the front fork is leaking badly

but first the engine... legs out , front end supported

stripping the top side, nasty dust suckers the 1125 with the air intake above the front wheel

loosen the connectors to the rear ... the HD wire harness mod is installed, but the can connector to the relais is not .. no wonder the bike is not really charging good.. i will check the stator , and upgrade the rotor

rear coil out.. to change the spark plugs

with the front and the engine supported, remove the middle engine mount bolts left

and right

loosen the rear ones a little

take out the 2 k-brackets bolts to the frame and the engine can be rotated down

can cover off

and take the plug in the ignition cover to turn over the engine , counter clock wise only

checking the free play.. all still with in tollerances

old plugs.. you see the tip been flattened by spark errosion

check thegaps on the new plug and with a little grease on the plug back in

front coil back in... thing to look for the lock tab on the connector is not really strong, this one is actualy a little loose,

as this one is very hard to reach.. with some zipties i make sure the lock tabs / connector stays in place

new the rear checking the valves

always a struggle to remove the cover

rear valves are also ok... wil need adjsutment the next valve check

placing back the rear cover if you can hold down the gasket with a finger, and check if it is still in place when you tighten it... very frustrating to find out during the first start off the engine it is leaking oil here

new rear plug in and coil back on

thing i do now with every engine rotation check the sensor ground conection on the engine , due to the postition , very hard to reach and a easy target for corrosion

as you see, i put some new cotact washers and bolt in, and silicone grease for protection

engine back up, loosly mount the center bolts

and first put these bolts in, can be needed to loosen the big side bolts holding this bracket to aline it better

tighen the engine mount bolts , start with the fixed side ( the left ) and than the right side ( with the sliding bushings

position off the horn wires... put the black one on the bad spot... if the feed wire will rubb like this the fuse will blow

reconnect the rear o2 sensor wire

mnn looks like the idler pulley was blocked some time.. and the belt was slipping over it , there is a dent worn in the pully , and the back off the belt looks bad

exhaust back on , to morrow front end and charging