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31-7-2015 TLC XB9R and fuel pump change

4-8-2015 - 31-7-2015 TLC XB9R and fuel pump change

nice Early XB9R one off the Black stripe edition they made here in the Netherlands to promote the sale , in for some maintenace and repairs... draining the engine oil 

TLC XB9R, shifter arm seal weaping 

TLC XB9R, , removing a sticky shifter arm, do not try to pry it in the slot, it will break, with a crowbar and some proctive material this is the best way to get it off

TLC XB9R, loosening the outer clutch cable adjuster , to remove the cable

TLC XB9R, unscrewing the clutch cable as straight as possible will prevent the crimp connection between the cable and the metal fitting from leaking

TLC XB9R, cable off and cover screws out

TLC XB9R, looking inside i could see the early black chain tensioner, later replaced by the blue ones, the black ones how ever you really need to check the thickness some times, as these wear

TLC XB9R, the new blue model ( is much better wear resistand )

TLC XB9R, with the cover off, very easy to tap the new seal in

TLC XB9R, tipical wear marks on the clutch cable ( early models ) the later clutch cables have a teflon inner lining and protective rubber on the rubbing arias

TLC XB9R, cover and cable back on , fresh oil in, adjusting the mechisme

TLC XB9R, rear wheel out for the fuel pomp change

TLC XB9R, with the airbox cover off and fuel line detacted , i mount a drain line, cycling the fuel pomp i can pomp the fuel out without to much mess

TLC XB9R, disconting the electrical connections and the fuel line

TLC XB9R, draining the last bit, out the fuel drain plug ,

TLC XB9R, making room by loosening the swing arm axle

TLC XB9R, fuel pump bolts removed , use 1 in the center hole with some washers to have a pulling point

TLC XB9R, with the shock mount loosened and the swing arm out the way, you can take the pump out

TLC XB9R, look at the wireing inside the pump for chaving

TLC XB9R,remove the 2 c-clips holding the wire retainer on the presure regulator

TLC XB9R, with the wire removed you can pull off the regulator

TLC XB9R, place the filler piece and the sealing o-rings on the new pump

TLC XB9R, new prefilter on and slide the new fuel pomp in , mount the regulator 

TLC XB9R, pump secured, i use some braiding to male a wire protection so the pomp wires will not rubb

TLC XB9R, with a few zipties fasten the wire harness

TLC XB9R, new O rings and some rubber lubricant to protect the orings during mounting and slide the pump unit back in the frame

TLC XB9R, swing arm back on tighten the axle

TLC XB9R, wheel with new bearings back in

TLC XB9R, noticed a little betl rubbing inside the pulley cover , i think i need to tension the spring loaded tensioner more

TLC XB9R, best way to mount the 03 covers is by rotating the belt so you can hear it is rubbing some where , the inner proctection plate

TLC XB9R, the 03 model belt , can use a little more pre tension on the belt tensioner 

TLC XB9R, setting the primairy chain tension

TLC XB9R, and spark plugs change

TLC XB9R, best to take the cables off complete to check the terminals on corrosion

TLC XB9R, and best to slide back the booth, to verify the connector is on,

TLC XB9R, time for the front end

TLC XB9R,mnnnn note the axle is sticking out a little ...

TLC XB9R, wheel and forks out for oil change

TLC XB9R, no worst thing to look at a R with schewed up fork cap nuts, some protection while unscrewing helps

TLC XB9R,m checking the rebound setting before you remove the top cap

TLC XB9R, forks and wheel back in tighten the axle, wait with the pinch bolts untill you can set the forks

TLC XB9R, front brake fluid change

TLC XB9R, and rear offcourse

TLC XB9R, pushed the suspension a few times see the forks have set, and the axle is flush, now tighten the pinch bolts, doing it like this makes the forks stick less and responce better

TLC XB9R, test ride smile-emoticon well noticed 1 thing, needed to lift my left foot higer than my right foot , left is still original R peg 

TLC XB9R, right side somewhere in its live a S right peg was mounted... mounted a S peg also on the left side for dome more leg room

nice Early XB9R one off the Black stripe edition they made here in the Netherlands to promote the sale , in for some maintenace and repairs... draining the engine oil