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8-5-2015, Xb check up.

9-5-2015 - XR1200 no start, rough running xb low rpm

XB9 09 check up, very clean and nice bike, looks like new.


XB9 09 check up, tighten the battery connections.


XB9 09 check up, heating up the bike to drain the engine oil.


XB9 09 check up, nice oil plug, but not easy to check.


XB9 09 check up, while the bike was running warm, i could hear the primairy chain was to loose , set this to specifications.


XB9 09 check up, new oil filter on.


XB9 09 check up, while little km done, i know better, checking the wheel bearings.


XB9 09 check up, as expected nothing wrong, but still check theme.


XB9 09 check up,wheel back in , axleto TQ and tighten the axle pinch bolt.


XB9 09 check up, check the belt for ware.


XB9 09 check up, little signs off a bike cleaner used , most off these lightly acidic, and make the zinc gavinizing screw turn white.


XB9 09 check up, chin spoiler schrews moutn with loctite.


XB9 09 check up, front wheel bearing check, also ok.


XB9 09 check up, wheel back in and tighten the caliper.


XB9 09 check up, brake fluid change.


XB9 09 check up, and rear off course.


XB9 09 check up, running warm to check the oil level.


XB9 09 check up, and rest ride nice xb, the exhaust and tuning makes the bike very nice to ride.


XR1200X no start, after standing still for a long time the bike will start but douse not run.


XR1200X no start, checking error code, side stand, but i know the customer has tried it with the side stand plugged out, and still the engine would not turn over if it really was the side stand 


XR1200X no start, checking basics, fuses are all ok.


XR1200X no start, plugs are ok.


XR1200X no start, fuel pump spools and make pressure, and there is pressure in the line to the injectors ? i tried with a loose spare injector to see if it would tick, the spare one douse, but i could not feel the injectors in the bike tick while starting.


XR1200X no start, ok first try with old carburator trick... brake cleaner spraying in the intake, bike wants to run, but will not stay running.


XR1200X no start, ok checking the injectors.


XR1200X no start, injectors out , fuel line disconnected.


XR1200X no start, and now seam to work ok.


XR1200X no start, injectors back in, and fuel tank mounted, bike starts, and keeps running.


XR1200X no start, static safety wire back on the cap , as the fuel tank breather hose.


XR1200X no start, problem fixed.


XR1200X no start, but while running a hell off a noise from the primairy, tension is way to loose.


XR1200X no start, but adjuster is in allot, i checked and adjusted it, and the nocking noise changed to a whining noise, customer told me there is a clutch problem and will take i back to the repair shop who has done this.


XB rought running..... my goodness i do love the Titanium headers, you can nicely see the first exhaust pulses.


XB rought running, as the relation TPS degrees was really low to the rpm the bike runs.. intake leak test, yep small leak.


XB rought running, so striping the bike to rotate the engine down.


XB rought running, and S and R model for engine rotation the left foot peg bracket needs to be removed.


XB rought running, top side striping.


XB rought running, dham,, exhaust has been knock in to something , tomorrow further.