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5-7-2014 Buell Xb12T, Harley Davidson XR1200X.

8-7-2014 - Buell Xb12T, service, customer rides allot. Harley Davidson XR1200X, crash damage.

 Buell Xb12T, service, customer rides allot, and has more than one bike...but the Uly has a little sweet spot.


Buell Xb12T, service, 71000 km and still going strong.


Buell Xb12T, service, so fresh oil in the gear box and swingarm.


Buell Xb12T, service, some plummers loctite on the drain plugs, as they ware on the threaths with so many km and you don't want to tighten theme to hard.


Buell Xb12T, service, so many km has take it's toll on the heavy vibrating chin spoiler.


Buell Xb12T, service, and behind the starter motor something is sweating a little, will clean it first.


Buell Xb12T, service, always exspect the unexpected, the breather hose from the gear box was rubbing against the exhaust.


Buell Xb12T, service, was not burned trough, will secure it better.


Buell Xb12T, service, oil filter off , and new one on.


Buell Xb12T, service, gear box fluid back to level. put the little hook on out side the primairy cover , you never know.


Buell Xb12T, service, and hook the mechanism in.


Buell Xb12T, service, the plugs only are in about a year.. but many km, time to change theme.


Buell Xb12T, service, with all the additives in the fuel from to day, i'm not sure the color chart is still always right, but these look good.


Buell Xb12T, service, and yes even your expensive iridium plugs you will need to check and usually set the correct cap .


Buell Xb12T, service, new front plug on, the rear one will come in from the top.


Buell Xb12T, service, checking the rear wheel.


Buell Xb12T, service, belt idler pulley bearings.


Buell Xb12T, service, and rear wheel bearings, all good to go for a other 8000 km.


Buell Xb12T, service, also check you spring loaded tensioner, if it still pivots smoothly.


Buell Xb12T, service, mounting the chin spoiler.. that is where that hole is for ? to put the nut on ( small hands needed ) 


Buell Xb12T, service, 16000 after last check an high km bike, it can spuw a little oil in the airbox cover, i'm not really worried, but will inspect this every 8000 km with this bike.


Buell Xb12T, service, rear plug in.


Buell Xb12T, service, cleaned the airfilter base, and airfilter , and recharged the filter.


Buell Xb12T, service, check things, pull push , see if there still fixed, this can the case rack felt loose , the right side bolt on the foot pegs was worn thought the hole, large washer and tighten it, and good to go.


Buell Xb12T, service, washer on.


Buell Xb12T, service, something that bothered me for some time... temperaty fix on the indicator..


Buell Xb12T, service, looking around in our parts donation box... i did find a good one, little service , and pass it on service from one customer to the other  ( or one man's junk is a other man's treasure )


Buell Xb12T, service, customer asked me to try and fit a "criuise control " well i did try it , but i really did not like this, so i took it off again , any suggestions? heated grips and hand guards need to stay on.


Buell Xb12T, service, after test ride and cleaning behind the cylinder, i could not directly spot any leaks, will check the next time.


Buell Xb12T, service, and tightened the breatherhose better.


XR1200X, crash damage, really low speed, but still allot damaged  , handle bar, clutch lever.


XR1200X, crash damage, shifter schaft, toe peg, damage to the clutch cover.


XR1200X, crash damage, this the the 5e time i do this repair... XR1200 seams to have a sweet spot for falling on the shifter shaft, and bending it.


XR1200X, crash damage, gear box oil drained, and a bit off luck with the road rash screw, as they did come out easy.


XR1200X, crash damage, with a pipe wrench straitened the shifter shaft a little so i can take off the cover.


XR1200X, crash damage, shifter too peg, can do only with replacing the toepeg.. as the bike needs to be repaired on a tight budget.


XR1200X, crash damage, powertools i love theme ... why so many bolts on so small cover.. very good for rsi.


XR1200X, crash damage, clutch hub out, and the basket can be pulled just forward enough to remove the shifter mechanism.


XR1200X, crash damage, new shifter in and clutch back on.


XR1200X, crash damage, just in case.. checking if the gearbox is not dammaged , by running here trough its gears.


XR1200X, crash damage, cover back on oil in.


XR1200X, crash damage, pair off pliers to remove the broken off peice off shifter peg.


XR1200X, crash damage, and put the parts back on, loc tite on the bolts.


XR1200X, crash damage, ok part one done for now.