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25-6-2015 XB Check, 1125, Ulysses intake seals

26-6-2015 - What did we do today Buell XB12SS Check and mounting remus exhaust the good way. Buell 1125CR 1/4 throttle mount, Buell Ulysses mounting intake seals

Nice XB12SS came over from Belgium, for a check up 

XB12SS Check up , alternative way to lock the filler cap

XB12SS Check up, drain while hot

XB12SS Check up, a little look around on the bike ( has been down on the right side ) and the idler bracket looks damaged

XB12SS Check up, idler wheel has been rubbing

XB12SS Check up, front exhaust strap is broken, and bolt for the hanger missing ( broken headers / studs will happen very quick like this )

XB12SS Check up, rear mount 1 bolt missing ,so basicly the exhaust was hanging on 1 bolt and the header , not good

XB12SS Check up, as this bracket was dammaged the customer asked thisto be replaced , wil the oil drained easy job

XB12SS Check up, remove the c-clip and pull out the oil line

XB12SS Check up, as the oil is drained it will not leak much, and you can slide the exhaust saddle bracket over the line after you remove the line holder

XB12SS Check up, the 1 bolt left was a run off the mill lower strenght, and not tight , no surprice the other one was lost , i will put some strong gr.8 bolts in as the bike can be supported bij these bolts

XB12SS Check up, the dammaged bracket

XB12SS Check up, new bracket over the oil line and oil line fitted again

XB12SS Check up, you really don't want these bolts to come loose, red loctite will hold these

XB12SS Check up, brakect mounted , and we can use it as a jacking point

XB12SS Check up, rear wheel out to check the bearings

XB12SS Check up, and idler pully looks bad, but i removed the burr , and the belt will have no trouble with it, bracket is straight ( turning the wheel forward / back and the belt douse not change position )

XB12SS Check up, sweaty gasket

XB12SS Check upafter checking and setting primairy tension, new gasket will cure the sweating

XB12SS Check up, as the exhaust has been to some hard stuf, checking the tension on the header nuts and re tighten these

XB12SS Check up, exhaut mounted, new front strap and hanger bolt, make sure the exhaust is flat to the strap hanger , glently tighten the straps and bolt

XB12SS Check up, bad to tighten the front straps to hard, due to the expention off the very hot metal these break very fast, but with little tension the bolt can be lost, securing with some lock nuts wo the bolt will not drop out

XB12SS Check up, chin spoiler back on

XB12SS Check up, some times you just have not enough room

XB12SS Check up, with the bike turned around on the brigde, make things allot easyer

XB12SS Check up, front end checked , good to go 

XB12SS Check up, rattaly cheap chinees lever :-X 
really these do not fit all... 8 piston is different as the 6 piston . 8 piston lever in 6 piston master is dangereus, as the brake will lock , 6 piston on 8 piston master is to much play and will rattle and in the long run brake the inners off the master cylinder as the pressing point is really out off center

XB12SS Check up, anyway, brake fluid change and test ride 

1125CR 1/4 trottle, over from England for his anual trip to the TT customer stopped by for a 1/4 turn trottle , removeing the old 

1125CR 1/4 trottle,and putting back on the new 

1125CR 1/4 trottle, grip glued back on and cables adjusted... good to go

Uly intake seals

Uly intake seals, not right fitting tool marking, every T27 screw i took off , needed to hammer my key in , i think a T25 is used on the these screws

Uly intake seals , top side off throttle cables loose

Uly intake seals , 5 mm hex? well almost

Uly intake seals, will trow these away , next time they are rounded —

Uly intake seals , with the engine rotated down removing the throttle body, the front plug wire came loose way to easy , it douse not lock anymore and the inners are corroded

Uly intake seals, blue seal used , tipical ware pattern,

Uly intake seals , threads in the head are cross theaded for the 1e cm

Uly intake seals , checking the cap to the heads, blue seals are to big for this, normal black ones will do

Uly intake seals , trying to make the best off it , cleaning up the threads , i will use slightly longer bolts

Uly intake seals , checking the threads with the new bolts , turns better

Uly intake seals , some longer new bolts

Uly intake seals , manifold back on

Uly intake seals ,new plug cable

Uly intake seals , engine back up, the bolt should be able to screw in by hand , so there is no tension... you can easy cross thread this one with it is a little off

Uly intake seals , nice and new screws in the v-brace

Uly intake seals , plastics back on

Uly intake seals , setting top, and check how she runs... mnnn i'm not happy , looks like the intake leak is a hard one to fix... now is time to try our flanges