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29-9-2016: Buell 1125 engine swap

10-10-2016 - 29-9-2016 What did we do Today: Buell 1125 Engine Swap.

nice cover ( fromt he old engine on 

aaah bugger this one was also broken 

so cover that came with the new engine on.. i will try to clean it up some 

i like spagetti... engine wire harnes 

a little more in postion so the engine can go in ( you cannot get the engine wire harness in other wise )

swing arm on the engine 

and back off the engine mounted loosely to the frame 

lower shock bolt on 

and speed sensor in , to close off this hole 

rear wheel and caliper on

we made these holes on our Galfer disk design ( like the original one ) to make live easier 

starter motor feed back on, to see if we have enough lenght

and left / right cables out

ok looking good 

throttle cablea on

and k-brackets on so the engine can hang un suported

start tightening the engine mount bolts on the left side ( the fixed frame side ) than the right side ( with the sliders ) 

and start putting the fan shrouds back on

radiator on 

clamping the hoses

neutral switch connector back on

and side stand switch / stop bracket 

with the engine in position, retighten the swing arm axle and fasten the pinch bolt 

loosely the right foot peg on ( leave it loose for now , easier mounting the exhaust ) 

side stand back on... i use some loctite on this one

and oil cooler lines back on 

lower oil cooler bracket loosly on

clutch cable pulled trough, and the bracket mounted so these lines cannot tough the headers

belt back on, remove the swing arm piece

and slide the belt trough the swingarm

idler and footpeg bracket back to getter and mounted

now first the swingarm piece back in before i tighten the rear wheel axle 

last checks before the exhaust gous back on , check the oil strainer

pair off pointed pliers, to pull the screen out

very clean.. this engine has not done many miles 

drain the last bit off oil out 

mnn oil filter o-ring was broken.. i mount a new one anyway