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18-1-2018 High mileage M2 XB12X troubles XB clutch

13-8-2019 - What did we do today: 18-1-2018 finish high mileage Buell M2 rear brake, Troubleshooting Buell XB12X, Buell XB clutch noise

spot the differance... the caliper was resting on the brake disk — at Twin Motorcycles Buell Support forever.

draining the old caliper

brake line off

we going to use a good 2e hand caliper from a XB on the used bracket

mounting the bracket and wheel

need to bleed the system

no scraping noise anymore

and she can go for the 2e 100.000 KM ?

starting problem uly..

very strange problem.. very much current is drawn when you push the starter button.. the stock fuse pops.. with 30 amp fuse the starter button spring become a heat spiral.. no bueno.. pulling out the relais.. as the starter button sould only be a switch for the relais

some one has been looking for this already.. don't like how the cable harness was left behind the headlights

just checking.. other starter button... mnnn don't know what happened.. but it starts now with out a problem ..

just checking.. other starter button... mnnn don't know what happened.. but it starts now with out a problem ..

checking the resitance on the buttons .. — at Twin Motorcycles Buell Support forever.

bought good.. mnnnn.. funny , need to let this sink in a little , as everything works no.. very hard to trace back

clutch noise.. and bad to adjust ..

just having a look inside, i suspect the hub bearing.. draining the oil

clutch mechnism out

shifter removed

and taking of the cover

shit.. yes hub bearing... missed that with the cover replacement , did not look for it , and did not expect this on this clean bike

see this happen more

pressing it out

and new bearing in and pressed on

with our removing the front sprocket... chain on the basket and than on the front sprocket.. hold in the middle and push the hub back in

red loctite on the shaft and tighten the nut

puller plate back on.. the c-clip has seen better days

these become oval from taking out and mounting..see here the difference with a new one.. spoil the bike sometimes.. and put a new one in :-)

cover back on.. tighten it starting in the middle and spiral out

loctite on the shifter bolts

setting the primairy tension , and adjusting the clutch.. she is good to go

trouble Uly.. been trying all day.. started every time.. hold the cable harness and she did the problem again.. mnn..

bike back on the lift

not sure i like the mounting of the light grounds


for sure do not like the wire loom with out isolation around the steering head

front wheel axle ..out to remove 1 front leg.. i will lube this one during mounting

leg out.

and cable guide loose

now checking and testing the wires