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5-3-2015 Uly service and repairs, XB12R TLC.

11-3-2015 - Nice Uly Imported from belgium, needs a healt chek and some repairs. Buell XB12R in need off some TLC.

Nice Uly Imported from belgium, over for a health check and change some things.


Uly time, neutral light is out..


Uly time, and the chin spoiler is missong some screws.


Uly time, i see the problem the chin spoiler is not mounted good, the exhaust clamp is the wrong way around and is toughing the chin spoiler.


Uly time , warming up the bike, and old drain.


Uly time, while the oil is draining is start taking off the rest , and loosening stuff ( lowering spring kit needs to be mounted ) 


Uly time , clutch cable is leaking.


Uly time , will fix this with some heat shrink tube with glue layer, as the cable is still good.


Uly time , oil filter off.


Uly time , and fresh filter on,


Uly time , front spark plug... i guess it was serviced by a HD dealer , and did not bother to look up the right heat grade... wrong plug are in.. these are old sportster plugs.


Uly time , netral switch hase to much resistance will replace this one.


Uly time , front pulley off and switch replaced.


Uly time , that looks alot better and will switch the light.


Uly time wheel bearings can do with some fresh ones, as there gritty feeling.


Uly time ,customer also asked for a new rear disk, clean up the corrosion so the disk mounts flat.


Uly time , cleaned up and coat with a light coat off neverseas to protect from corrosion.


Uly time , old bearing, you really need to feel this by take the wheel out, the moment you feel this when the wheel is mounted, there completly done.


Uly time , rear wheel back in , set axle to TQ settings, and tighten the pich bolt.


Uly time , the rear pads where not that bad, but new disk likes new pads.


Uly time , rear shock out for spring replacement 


Uly time , a hyperpro -/-25 mm progressive lowering spring kit is mounted, the spring is a little shorter but good progressive


Uly time , rear spark plug change, and inspect the cables for rubbing marks.


Uly time , ? ok airscoop mounted over the original scoop ? for looks only now, will remove the orginal one so the right airscoop has a function.


Uly time , i could see the rear rocker cover gasket starting to leak, as this is a 2007 model, better replace these now, before it becomes a problem.


Uly time , new gaskets in.


Uly time , closing up the cover, take care the temperature sensor wire is not cought in between ( it happens )


Uly time , engine back up, you shoud be able to srew in the mounting bolt by hand , as sign off no tension.


Uly time , this way the v-brace bracket will also line up good.


Uly time , the right side scoop is missing the rear mounting point, i cut the original to still have the mounting point and some strenght.


Uly time , will not will the bjeuty award, but it is mounted securely , and it will work now.


Uly time , airbox back on, fresh filter.


Uly time , and time for the front end.


Uly time , even with a breaker bar needed to push hard to loosen the front axle... that is way to tight.


Uly time , front bearings are still ok.


Uly time , front legs out and change oil / and mount the lowring springs... the new springs are a little shorter, will give more sag , but from experiance it will still handle very nice smile-emoticon


Uly time , set the marks when you put the froks back to getter, looks so much better and you will have full range off adjustment.


Uly time , front disk is warped.


Uly time , mounted a nice new one


Uly time , new pads 


Uly time , and the front start to come to getter again.


Uly time , brake fluid change front.


Uly time , and rear .


Uly time , while i walked the bike over, i could hear a knock when you appy the front brake, i will re tighten the the steering head bearings, , front end still supported, and loosen the lower clamps, and stem nut pich bolt.


Uly time , protect the cover, handle bar clamp loose and re tighten the steering head bearings.


Uly time , handle bar and stem pinch nut tightened, setting the supention with the new springs.


Uly time , still a Ully but just a little lower , TEST ride you can wake my up at night for a test ride on a Ully , bike handles very nice , i'm sure the customer will love it.


XB12R in need off some TLC , just a quick over to inspect all that needs to be done .


XB12R in need off some TLC , rear tyre.


XB12R in need off some TLC , something is missing here.


XB12R in need off some TLC , really ?


XB12R in need off some TLC , disk is Fubar rought estimate 3 mm groves in there.


XB12R in need off some TLC , i would advice a new front pulley, as it starts becoming sharp.. new belt will not last long.


XB12R in need off some TLC , and off course wheel bearings .