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23-10-15 Xb9 1125 Exhaust XB Big bore

25-10-2015 - What did we do today 23-10-15 Xb9 base gaskets finish, 1125 Exhaust, brake disk , XB Big bore measuring

Xb9 base gaskets finish, back from test ride, and everthing looks good, so last off the scoops back on

Xb9 base gaskets finish, and replace the leaking shifter seal

Xb9 base gaskets finish, lever off , and knock out th e old oil sea

Xb9 base gaskets finish, the older shift axles can corrode, so a littel clean up

Xb9 base gaskets finish, a little grease insed the seal to mount easy and protect the seal

Xb9 base gaskets finish, the pre 06 shifter axle are the same thickness as the splines, to best to have some protection when you slide it on, electrical isolation tape works perfect for this 

Xb9 base gaskets finish, seal on and with a high socket tap in the seal 

Xb9 base gaskets finish, a little never seas to to stop corrosion 

Xb9 base gaskets finish, and lever back on use loctite on these screws.. you will not the the first to loose one , nore the last 

Xb12SS Tlc mirros came in  nice , checking clutch side so it is not hitting the mirror


Xb9 base gaskets finish, i like these mirrors allot , no virbation, perfect view behind you and easy adjustable when you need to park the bike you can just rototed theme in, so they don't get knocked mirror:

1125 Exhaust, brake disk... whoho.. i like precents

1125 Exhaust, brake disk. blasted and coated with a very durable ceramic coating , looks good and will stop the out side corrosion

1125 Exhaust, brake disk, but still take care off riding off side curbs... ( see the dents ) the coating will hold only when it douse not get scraped off

1125 Exhaust, brake disk, left rear moutning bolt exhaust is though the idler pully

1125 Exhaust, brake disk , oil cooler lower bracket back on

1125 Exhaust, brake disk, an front left side bracket back on ( 2008 models only have this bracket )

1125 Exhaust, brake disk, right rear mounting bolt is behind the brake lever

1125 Exhaust, brake disk, and the hard to reach right front one, long ball end allen key 6 mm will do the trick

1125 Exhaust, brake disk, knock the tension out the headers , you will see theme go in deeper in the exhaust connection when you knock the pipes a little , and tighen the clamps

1125 Exhaust, brake disk, and let the smoke out, heat up shortly to cure the coating a little , and test ride smile-emoticon

1125 Exhaust, brake disk... omg... that front brake is dangeous, feels like a rocking horse when you tray to brake... i need to replace it ... customer made a remark the front brake did not feel ok... slight understatement :-X

1125 Exhaust, brake disk, front end bike supported ,axle out ,

1125 Exhaust, brake disk, caliper loose

1125 Exhaust, brake disk, and old disk off brake disc:

1125 Exhaust, brake disk, nice new disk back on, hold it down against the spring pressure while you screw in the bolts , to aline the busings brake disc:

1125 Exhaust, brake disk, tq the bolts down brake disc:

1125 Exhaust, brake disk, for road use i reuse the virbation pads on the new brake pads ( for race use i dont bother , and the pads will have more heat sink with out these

1125 Exhaust, brake disk, mount the pads back in straight before you put the caliper on brake pads:

1125 Exhaust, brake disk, wheel back in , and secure the pad pins

XB Bigbore measuring, still for the look out where the compressionratio difference comes from.. the combustion camber look about the same by eye , only this cast marks looks deeper,a small ledge on this one

XBBigbore measuring, and about full flat here .mnnnn

XBBigbore measuring, small layer sticky grease on the edge

XBBigbore measuring, and lexan plate with filling hole pushed on.. the grease will hold it and make it oil proof

XB Bigbore measuring, slowly filling with thin oil to measure the volume off the camber

XB Bigbore measuring. put the heads ona slight angle to the airbubbles will go to the hole

XBBigbore measuring, one down..

XBBigbore measuring, other one to go

XBBigbore measuring, very little differance, not enough to explain the compression differances.. will have a look at the cams