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26-8-2016 Buell XB engine assembly

14-9-2016 - 26-8-2016 Buell XB engine assembly

bizzy day today, some Buellers from the USA visiting us so this took some time to show theme around and awnsered some questions, so little shop time.. making the engine ready for the cylinders... testing base gaskets bigbore mnnn will not fit like this needed to cut theme down a little

as there was to little clearance to the pushrod base plates , needed to cut 2 mm off ... now they fit perfect

nice pistons :-) big size piston ring compressor , rings positioned 180 off

little cleaning and prelube the cylinder walls

cylinder on, and temperary tighten them down to the case so the will not knock around when i mount the rear cylinders

rear one on

checking the head gaskets if the rivits are obstructing , but these are just outside the gasket mating aria

nice heads... ready to go back on

some oil on the threads and on the headbolt flats

and tq theme down as instructed in multiple steps

collapseble pushrod covers

some find these difficult to mount ...

use a flat screw divers and lever the spring loaded ring down, and pushing the upper holder in... easy 

nice custom lenght pushrods , light weight and strong... no moving parts on these... better

rocker box on, note the roller rockers arms ( and the beehive springs ) , start all the bolts to locate the rocker box in place

start with the 4 big bolts, tighten these down evenly amd set to 22 Nm then, thighten the small bolts

little prelube douse not hurt, as it can take some time before oil pressure is in the rocker box

and XB covers back on

ditto for the rear

i like to tighten these with a torq wrech

as the 1/4 screws can break to easy in my opinion, with the digital tq wrench i can see the tq go down as a sign that i'm pulling the threads or breaking the bolts , engine is ready to go in