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1-4-2016 finish service, big check and start up Ul

3-5-2016 - 1-4-2016 finish service, big check and start up Uly, XR1200 HPA box and clutch

forks cleaned and fresh oil ready to go back in

little blue loctite on the caliper bolts

very uniek body kit ( original from Buell )

lock tite on the chin spoiler screws

brake fluid replacement.. the rubber compensation membrame is seaping through brake fluid.. this is normal but a indication how long it has been in

fresh brake fluid in

push the suspention a few times to set the forks on the axle

and tighten the pich bolts

ready for test ride smile

uly walking bike, has been shut down for more than a year.. time to awake here and make here whole again

belt was worn and cracked will replace it

and the battery is dead

battery poles first take off the ground , than the positive

old one out with a little wiggle

new battery in... help to remove the ecm connector to hook in the battery strap

connections back on. positive first , than the ground

first time contact in a long time , no oil pressure check light , and a weak neutral.. as we know there is oil in.. i pritty much know sitcky sensors , fuel pump is priming

so first strip some things to check for mice wink-emoticon air box off

chin spoiler off ... cracked .. dham things crack allot

checking the front pully is easy with out a belt

good thing the fuel tank was full when the bike was set aside .. it smells still like petrol.. so will give it a go

few short starts to see if there is oil flow back in the swing arm... it is , and the oil pressure light is working ( as is the neutral ) ... ok let here warm up for oil change

shoud be a movie.. bike in neutral the thick gearbox oil makes the pulley spin, fluid friction, than is the hard cluck when shifting in 1e gear with a cold bike

clutch cable is leaking gear box oil will adress this later

the connection is still good, but the outer cable is a leaking oil through the connection, will put a fix for this on it

and a little cleaning

oils drained, and drain plugs back on , we use a some hydraulic loctite to help seal the plug next to the o-ring

and fill with fresh gearbox oil

front plug change from below , gapped and never seaz on the threads

new oil filter prime it and wet the o-ring before you put in on

before you adjust the clutch mechanism, make sure the cable adjuster is fully in , not to get a fals reading on the free play

clutch mechnisme in , lightly bottoming and 1/4 turn loose

when you do this allot , you notice the white stripe on the clutch cover gasket needs to be on the out side ( gasket is not symetric )

wheel bearing check , axle out

bearings are good to go

checking the spark plug cables for corrosion and rubbing marks , all good here

old plug looks ver good combustion

airfilter cleaned and put back on

bike turned around to service the front end

i like to loosen the caliper when the bike is still on it wheels

front stand in to lift the bike

front wheel out.. bearings are good to go

uly problem , the forks do not bottom .. there is always the last piece, where the seals don't silde over, before you take the forks apart clean this

little protection on the cap nuts not to scar theme

progressive springs are stock on this model ( XB12XT 2008 )

the progressive parts is best on top

in my opinion there is no excuuse to scar the cap nuts... some electrical tape for protection and good tools —

forks and wheel back in

i use a light grade loctite for the fender nuts , more as corrosion protection

fixing the clutch cable , remove the holder

and slide over the heat shrink tube, the heat activates the glue in side to make it oil tight again

shift lever bracket bolts back on with a drop off blue loctite

and the clutch cable back on

some fresh brake fuild

and warming here up for oil leve chak


XR1200 in for HPA + tuning and clutch change

while i start with draining the gearbox oil... the bike is very hot.. no fun working on the clutch , i will wait witht he clutch when the bike has cooled down a bit

smile-emoticon i like to see this on a XR.. bike is getting used , and on the track

so hpa mounting... north south east west screws out to remove the cover

unscrew the airfilter box screws , and the front and rear tank mount bolts

pull the tank up a little to silde the airfilter box out.. cafefull with the breather hoses , a needle nose pliers is usefull to remove the clamps on the breather outlets

some times i figure this was the last time anybody would have got these screws out.. the stock screws corrode

mnnn this customer is going to fly home .. flapper valve was still in there ( euro restriction )

hpa velocity stack on and euroflapper replacement resistance in the cable

and hpa airbox in place

tank cover back on start from the rear and make sure the 2 back notiches click in the tank

nice smile-emoticon it looks already faster

primairy tensioner bolt off , still a litle to hot.. will replace the clutch to morrow